Monday, September 1, 2008

Thoughts For The New Week

Some of this is random, some purposeful. All is over a late morning of coffee on a lazy Monday "off".

Why would anyone WANT to live in New Orleans anymore?

It's driving me nuts to know that my country is about to become an "Obama-nation".

Rick and I are talking about whether we should go to a church closer to home. It's getting harder and harder to drive that 25-30 min drive. Soon Princess will need/want to be in a youth group and we won't be able to do more than one trip. There are bible studies we have to forgo, especially Rick. If it was in his work town, he could hook up with some fellowship before or after work. There are friends that the kids are going to want to have over as they grow up. We are just too far away right now for all that. The hard thing is that our Pastor is the best teacher we have ever had, and he is right on. Our church family is wonderful. It is hard to even think about. We are praying.

I'm going to dive back into MSM study this week. I'm going to take on developing her 40$ a week budget by way of coupon shopping, and CVS. We are elated that come the new year, all our Longs Drug stores will turn into CVS!! So, I gotta get on a roll! I'm not sure MSM's budget is doable for us with three kids in school and my husband needing a cold lunch too. I am however trying to pull small thermos dishes from the goodwill to put hot food in for all of them that will be just right by lunch time.

I'm using this month of Superkid being only in half day, to develop a rhythm for my life at home. I'm wanting to beef up on bread making, granola making etc. I've done it before but burnt out before Christmas last year and never really got going again. It's a huge money saver. I'm planing exactly what I will do each day so that my time while they are in school is not wasted and I'm ready for family every moment they are home.

We are going to be painting the girls room in the next few weeks. I can use some ideas. Their furniture is mine and my mom's old french provincial. Their wall is white on the top right now with a middle trim and lavender on the bottom. We are headed toward bold but not primary colors. Aqua blue and hot pink, or Aqua and Sea green on the bottom....hmmm. Help? Does anyone know of a website where you can try out colors virtually to see what they might look like?

Rick was hit by two drunk teens last week in his mail truck but he is just sore. I'm thankful he is okay. He has all ready had a huge problem with his back. I'm praying this does not cause problems later on.

We put our dogie on craigslist to see if we can find her a home with a bigger yard. There is a lady wanting a photo this morning. It's hard to get rid of her, but she is just needing more time, space, and training.

I'm frustrated that our new laptop is broken on the screen. We can't close it. Thankfully we are insured but I'm not looking forward to the transfer of files and loading of programs AGAIN.


tricia said...

I understand the drive issue and church. We had that issue for many years. I will pray for wisdom on that decision.

Let me know if you need wheat berries. I am running low and at the current prices I can not afford 50 lbs.

FishMama said...

Just wanted to encourage you on the low-budget plan! I have had the privelege of hanging out with MSM over the last few months and get some insider tricks. One of the things that I picked up was really watching for markdowns, especially in the dairy section. I've been able to pick up yogurt that was practically free once I combined the coupon with the markdown price. You can do it! You just have to really pay attention.

Now that we're moving west (San Diego area), I'm curious as to pulling off the same thing there that I've been able to here. I've checked the grocery sales there online and things seem really comparable. It's just that there are so many more desirable temptations out west that could distract me, like In-N-Out burger and Peets coffee. ;)

Tami Rutledge said...

It's driving me nuts to know that my country is about to become an "Obama-nation".

Never heard "nuts" as being a fruit of the spirit.....

msybe it is the fruit of wrong thinking?

Just a kindly reminder to rejoice!

God is still the only one who choses who will be president.

I can rejoice, be still and know that He is God and there is no other!

If He hasn;t hopped off His throne and begun to pace then we don;t have to either!

Let it drive you to your knees as you give thanks. It is so much better than nuts!

Besides... I know that is where you end up so more dilly dallying.

Love you.