Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Trish!

Wednesday, September 17th
Today is my friend Tricia's (author of "..a future and a hope")birthday!

I just wanted to say what a special friend she is. She has become one of my spiritual sistas! She is real with me, and we can talk about anything without being afraid of sounding un-whatever. More than that though, she has been on an earnest journey to seek the glory of God. She lives a simple life like I do without many frills. We have that in common and it gives us a shared since of humor. She is even better at it than me though, being frugal I mean. She is the bread making queen and everyone in our church loves to get some of her tasty baking, especially when she makes up some Italian focaccia or ciabatta. She is a math wiz and I bow to her on that one too. :) I can drop in at Tricia's house anytime, and I mean anytime and she does not mind. She has modestly and gives graciously. She is devoted to homeschooling her kids and is good at it. She has had learning challenges to deal with her homeschooling and presses on trusting God. She longs for God to provide a home for her family in these rough california locations and yet has been so patient to wait for what is best as that has not come to her yet. She had a rough start in life and has become a shining star as a proverbs 31 woman.

I am so proud of her! I love having her as a friend/sista in the Lord! Kudos out to you Trish!

Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!!!!!


tricia said...

Thank you, Alica! I treasure your kind words and I treasure your friendship. I am not sure how good of a home schooling mom I am-- I took today off from teaching school.

Kristen Borland said...

thanks for the heads up!