Friday, September 5, 2008

Decorating The Girls Room Has Taken A Unexpected Twist

The girls and I went browsing bedding isles to get ideas about colors. I showed them the colors I liked from the fabric and they liked it, but they came up with some shocking turns. At first I was against it....then, I thought it could work. It all started when they saw this deep aqua blue satin bedding at walmart. I would NEVER have been drawn to it... but they were. So, here is where we are heading.

Think French Provincial Princess.

French Provincial furniture passed down from my mom, to me, to them.
Think Focal Renoir Painting "Two Sisters" which I grabbed a few years ago for a buck.

Think painting above French Provincial dresser with two brass lamps found on clearance, one on each side.

Think of wall colors like this sample picture (only w/ all the trim on the top) :

Remember this is just a similar visualizer. I'm just looking at the colors. They wall looks like this right now:
So, the yellow would be on the top, and the blue/green on the bottom. I'm not completely sold on this combo. I am also considering some other combos:

This is one.

The bright blue pillow and throw represent the presence of what the girls found that threw us into this twist....Satin blue bedding from Walmart.

Which now that I'm looking, is lighter than the blue I picked for the pillow and throw in the visualizer picture.

So, were still tossing around ideas. I loved the suggestions you guys had! We won't be painting the furniture though except for the loft bed (lilo will be on a loft which is just the top part of a bunk, and Princess will be on just a Hollywood frame coming out vertically from under the loft above her) which I am painting the antique white of the dressers and may do some brass stencil work on somewhere.

I know the French Provincial Princess theme is a little gody, but It might just work.



Karen said...

All I can say is you have far more insight and knowledge in this decorating thing than I do and I can't wait to see how all of your amazing creativity comes out!!

Judy said...

HI Alicia,
Gaudy (which can mean garish) doesn't seem to apply here. The color scheme is Monet-like and fitting with the French Prov. Maybe a soft yellow wall with the blue drapes and pillows. Pretty.