Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. Loveable

I know second blog today.... had to.

Tonight we were at the dinner table. Lilo did something out of her element..she did some drama. I teased her that she was not the one famous for drama, to which Princess replied "That would be me!". We were all amused and began going around the table identifying each other. "Lilo is comedic", I said (to which she replied "what is comedic?" "It means your funny" I clarified. She smiled with satisfaction). Daddy is....."obliging" (of course they all wanted to know what that meant and I explained that he is always willing to help us out). Superkid knew he was next and got the jump...
"I'm lovable", he said.
We laughed, and mommy heartily agreed.

Mr. Lovable started reading yesterday, we are very proud of him. His teacher at school said to me "you just tell him what to do and he does it!". I made sure to give him big kisses and let him know how proud we are of his progress and how proud his teacher is of him. For the little guy who was the only one not excited about public school (because he thought being home meant playing Lego's all day), now he is starting to pray "and help us have a good day at school tomorrow".
My heart swells.
More kisses follow.
"I love you mommy"
"I love you to Superkid"
"Goodnight baby"
My heart swells some more as I walk away.
"I'll see you in the morning!"
"You betcha buddy!"

John Adams: A Thought Provoking and Educational Flick

Rick's birthday was coming up this time two weeks ago. I had a budget to spend and was wanting to make every dollar count for something he would really want and not expect. I considered the Indiana Jones movies on DVD in a set because that's something he's mentioned wanting to get someday. Then, I decided that for now, we could continue to get them from the library and save the money. He would not watch them that often anyway. Then, I considered new Levi jeans but my mom gave him some money so he could do that. So, I was at Costco and decided to browse the books and movies for a possible find. I landed on a new DVD set put out by HBO (which I was leery of really) called "John Adams". He had mentioned before that he really wanted to see it and I figured if it was good, it would be a good resource to have for the family and therefore, worth the money now and later. I resigned myself to the fact that it would be a huge bore for me and I'd fall asleep while he rubbed my head enjoying his historical hiatus. I was so wrong.
This movie is both thought provoking, entertaining, and very well acted. I was amazed. It is not about the war, as I thought it might be (and I had a history of being subject to watching all the war movies my dad would rent and have long sense grown bored with them) but more about the politics and lives of the people in the times. Oh, and the amazing sacrifice of those who knew they had to do something for America to have her liberty.
The movie was also a fresh and new look at the history of events. Some aspects I had never considered. It was like a different story in many respects. It was clean except for one scene when John and Abigail show their love as husband and wife after being apart for years. Even that was mild and modest compared to the stuff put out now days. It was about a minute long and not appropriate for children or young adults in my mind.
History seems to have forgotten this great man and the struggles he had to be understood and firm in his convictions despite his social unpopularity. It made me sorry I had not taken notice of him before.
Check it out, it's well worth your time.

This ending scene was my favorite part of the whole movie. It does not spoil the rest don't worry.:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Who Glories In The Death Of Men

I was sitting with my husband last night out on our small front lawn. We go out there and sit when the kids want to play out front so that we have an eye on them. As I waited for him to bring out the decaf and join me, I stared at my neighbors decorations for Halloween. She had two headstones in her grass and a skeleton hanging by it's neck. The following is what processed through my brain at the time.

How delighted the enemy must be this time of year when man find entertainment in the subject of death. The one thing that the devil himself longs for for every man not knowing the salvation of the work of Christ. Once a man is dead, there is no second try, the enemy knows he has him. It is in his nature to delight and find glory in the death of humanity. To think that we give him this satisfaction is sobering to me.
I think about Jesus words: "I came that they might have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." My precious savior came for everything working against death. Humans are his precious creation he finds worthy of shedding his own blood for. How he must grieve when we decorate our lives with the theme of death.
To mock and jest at the subject of death seems to me a slap in the face of the creator who the devil all ready despises. Our flesh and bones are of no value to him but to be symbols of his triumph in the way or our eternal destinations. To our savior, our flesh and bones are reflections of the image of the Heavenly Father who we were created after.
Any man may mock his own death, but he won't be mocking on the day he dies. He will be filled with fear and he will tremble. How is it that we taunt it without realization? To think that we join the enemy in laughter and jesting about the very triumph he has accomplished by putting death upon us. Our greatest problem of separation from God (spiritual death) and bodily death, are because of him and because of them we are cursed. Yet, we jest with Him at our very bondage.
If only we knew what we were really doing. We would tremble now as well.
I speak in "we" but of course I have trusted in the saving power of Jesus Christ and have been reconciled to God (spiritually alive) and will one day be in a body that will no longer be under the power of death. Yet, I hurt for the mind of men who are not yet reconciled and know not what they jest and entertain themselves with. It is essentially their own demise with which they amuse themselves, and the devil laughs. He is the one who glories in the death of men. I will not join him, ever.
I shared this with my daughter on the way to school as we walked by skeleton heads that she thought were cool because they light up. "Anything that lights up is cool" I said. "But I will never cease to be disturbed by the glorification of death". She seemed to understand. It was a moment to share what was put on my heart the night before and I wanted to seize it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mothers Of Invention Monday: Trash to Trendy

I was talking with Lilo's teacher after school and her daughter came in bearing a gift for her mother. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. It was a crochet bag made of old plastic grocery bags. I was intrigued. I found the pattern as well as some links for making things from recycled items. Have fun browsing!
Recycled Bags Crochet Handbag
Recycled Grocery Bags Shoulder Bag
Recycled Grocery Bags Purse

There are many more fun ideas where these came from at "My Recycled Bags"

For more ideas to use your recycled stuff try:
Make Stuff/Recycled

a "what I can do with ...." format

If you have a fun Invention for Monday (remember, anything from leftoevers to gifts, to date nights... you name it) link your post here:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seek The Lord In Schooling Saturday

This girl has been tired. I'm lucky to be here doing this blog. I wanted so bad to get my husband rocks one in yesterday but there was not time. I'll save it for next week. If you have been over to Good, Better, Best at all, you know I'm working on some big goals. Adjusting to the exercising is wearing me out this week. Plus, there is always stuff to do and be done! Good is good, I just need to rest more this weekend.
There was quite bit to talk about school this week though so I did not want to miss that.
-Superkid was able to read some words this week and write his numbers to 30. His teacher was excited to share that with me. He tries to sound out a lot of things he sees everywhere now. I was at the school to help in Lilo's class all afternoon and just snuck onto the playground to watch him play for a bit. When he first started school he was the most shy socially. Now he runs all about pretending and playing superheros and cops and robbers. At one point he had ten little girls orchestrated in some game where he was saving them all. They seemed very happy to play his games. I know, he's cute isn't he? Hands off for 20 years ladies! :)

-Lilo has been learning a lot about the metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly. Mrs.M has a living plant in the back that has three changing caterpillars. I have never seen a Monarch chrysalis before. It is astounding.

Lilo wrote a whole little book on it with pictures herself. It was so cute, I want to find it and scan it to post this week. She also made a green chrysalis and they took gold glitter glue to make these gorgeous natural gems shown here,on the outside of it. It was made like a pocket and they made little black and yellow caterpillars that could go inside. So fun.

I helped in her class yesterday and was very happy to this time especially since her teacher's husband was in the ICU. I could not believe her strength to go on and teach with all that going on. She said it was better to stay busy though. I caught a great picture of Lilo and her best buddies out at recess. She got to have her friend S. come home for playtime and dinner all evening. They had great time. We made a deep 13x9 pan of apple "pie" served with ice cream. Their neighbor friend Johnny joined us too. Thy all watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks".

Lilo and "S"Spidie for the evening:)Princess


I truly believe in making our home open to many children. It was through the kids befriending of Johnny and his hours and hours over playing, sharing dinner, and his mom coming to talk with me, that I was able to share the Lord with her. As a result of God's goodness, their family has come back to the Lord after many years of wondering. You can never underestimate the mission field of the home.

For the same reason I allow the kids to invite kids over. To be in our home, to hear about Christ, to have fun time. Some end up going to awana with them. There is always a channel opened up between us and at least one parent. There is the beginning of opportunities and I look for them all the time. It has brought me great joyful purpose to be reaching out along with my children, to the public school scene and coming into our home is an even greater chance to make bonds of friendship that can be used by God later. It's like we just say we're willing Lord, we will love them, and wait for the time to tell. Maybe it's a snippet here, a conviction there, it's all important and God uses it. You just have to be laying foundations made sometimes of apple pie.

-Princess is making straight A's of which we are proud. Her attitudes have remained much more God-glorifying lately for which we have praised her. She is writing her own book right now. She let her friends at school read the first page and she was very encouraged with they all found it very fascinating. She wrote late into the night last night. I hope to put some of it on here too soon. She shows some great talent for writing. Starting next week, I will be in her class as well. A room of 35 (the class maximum btw) fifth graders should be interesting.

I asked for prayer for diligence at home this week and I was given strength to do that. I stayed home a lot more. The house has not been perfect but I have been able to stay up on the basics that allow meals to be made, and just tidy settings. My walking for over two hours a day has taken a big chunk out of my day for now but my husband is supporting my short time needed to get ahead in some of these goals. I actually feel better emotionally through the day because of the time taken to exercise while they are at school. It's just the adjustment to the new output of energy that is making me tired in the afternoon more. I know my body will catch up soon.

We hit a small public school speed bump so to speak that I wanted to mention since I agreed to be honest and tell it like it is on this journey. The kindergarten class has a curriculum to help kids understand proper touching and improper touching. I understand why they have to do it. There are kids out there being abused and they need to know what is abuse. Rick and I discussed it and although we trust that the concepts are at age level appropriateness we had two problems with this. (1) we feel that these subjects should be addressed by us, his parents. We understand that many parents either do not take care of this, or are actually abusing so they need to do it. We know we can cover what is needed and we know he is not in those situations. (2) Though the curriculum could be layed out for us to see, and we could even approve it, there is always the unknown variable of what the children will say in discussion. No one can predict that for us. So, we decided he would not participate. I talked to his teacher who is a great christian woman, and she was very understanding. She is completely okay with me coming to take him out of class for that half hour the three days of the teaching. It looks like we will go to the library to read or something. So, there are solutions, but you do have to pay attention to what's going on. Rick and I are firm believers that school should be ABC's and 123's. It is unfortunate that society has come to the need of the schools to educate children on these things, but I agree it is necessary, just not for my five year old.

My prayers for this coming week would be:

Continue dilegence on my part at home.

I have a burden to lead the children through the elements of the armor of God. Prayers for wisdom as to how to put that together to present to them in our family time.

Prayer for Lilo's dear teacher and her husband in ICU.

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OH....and the evening ended with Lilo loosing a tooth!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Those Who Govern Are Established By God

Our pastor was brave enough to address the biblical issues on the table with the upcoming election (click here to hear "A Chritian Perspective On Political Envolvement"). Another great sermon.

Something wonderful that was applicable to our lives now and worthy of teaching our children was Romans 13:1-7.

The first verse is the most important to the times I think:

"Every person is to be in subjection tot his governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God."

It is a verse that revolutionizes our stress levels when it comes to politics, stretches our faith in God, and changes our attitudes toward those appointed with whom we disagree. Of course the application is obvious in regard to the coming Presidential outcome. Even NoBama....ur...I mean, Obama if elected will be there because God established him to be. Not that he is a mistake and God will have to work with it, God will have appointed him. Another post could be written on the purposes God may have for the challenge of such a man in office. Not today though.

What really was impressed upon us was that we have an obligation to live out this faith to our children. We should speak boldly to them about the issues where they are right and where they are wrong, but we need to maintain a joyful attitude of respect and honor of the man once he's there, no mater who he is. For according to this verse, there is no authority figure not appointed by him. To resist the authority would be to go against God. Unless the authority asks of us to go against God as the men in Paul's time did in telling him not to preach. He of course did not obey. The verses go on to say that these men are not a cause of fear for those who do good, but to control those who do not. So, we respect them as a minister of God for our good (vs. 4)

Princess had a substitute teacher a week ago that was not good with the kids. Princess has loved going to school so far, but the second day that she knew this substitute would be there, she was playing the sick card. I am, along with other mom's, making an official complaint because of some of the ways this woman dealt with the children ..

(oh, my word, Superkid just brushed his teeth with DESITIN!!!!! LOL! I didn't even know we had any of that anymore....oh dear!! Rick is going to brush them over again and hopefully fix the problem...eeek)

.. and her impatience with them. However, she was really getting verbally disrespectful in her critique of this woman and Rick and I had to remind her to be respectful even if things were not going well. We reminded her that the bible tells us to respect authority because it was from Him. We were not sure where the passage was till pastor preached. So, this has really given us more to work with. It's a hard lesson to learn that you have to show respect for the position. If you are doing what you are supposed to, then you don't need to worry. Only worry if you are not. We explained to her that even that teacher had been appointed by God to be her authority for those days and she needed to honor that.

The next few years, depending on how the vote goes, may be a time when our children have to see our faith lived out and our trust in God above men revealed. It will be challenging, and there may be deeper conversations around the dinner table, but it will be important for them to see us hope in the Lord above all, and to trust that what He says in Romans 13 is true. Whether its Nobama or a cranky substitute teacher.

Afterthought: You know whats a great thought to relish? If Romans 13 is true, even an ungodly man in authority will be fulfilling the very purposes of God without knowledge of his particiation. Ooooo... I just love that thought!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mothers Of Invention Monday: A Little Mommy Marketing

I came up with a simple way to make some money this holiday season. I wanted to share it for our Monday theme.

I invested in a costco bulk amount to make my homemade almond roca and sell it. It's easier to pick one thing, make it well because repitition helps fine tune the recipe, and sell it in enough time for people to give it as a gift for Christmas. Help them out by pre-packaging it cute but cheap.
Here is my plan:
1. Buy the ingredients.
2. Make a sample batch and put it in a bowl as samples.
3. Create one sample of the packaging. I will not have the product in this, just some filler like foam peanuts or something. It is just to demonstrate how it will look when they get it.
4. Create an order form on the computer and put it on a clipboard with a pen tied to it.
5. Place the product at my husbands work in the breakroom, my mom's workplace (if she let's me:)or anywhere else besides church that I can think of. Put a plastic container of samples with a lid for freshness and a sign that says "please just take one to sample". Have the clipboard left there so they can sighn up their name, phone number and how many bags they want. I'm not sure what poundage the bags will have yet because I have to figure out the cost too.
6. Create a display tray with packageing sample and product samples and go around to the neighbors, kids teachers or other places to see if anyone wants orders. If they are not sure, ask if I can get back to them later.
7. Have a date the product will be ready. Prepare ahead of time to deliver.
8. Make remaining orders. Package and deliver on the date. Collect payments.
(I may warn ahead of time that payment needs to be cash so their are no problems)

Harvest Blessings Bundles
The above is my plan for before Christmas. I have an even easier one for before that. I made a wonderful apple coffee cake this week. The dry ingredients I put in a bag ahead of time. All I had to do after that was chop one apple and add the oil and egg. What a great little Thanksgiving blessing to give someone I thought. Then I thought....what a great item to sell too!
So, the plan is to make batches of the dry mixes. Package them similarly only with harvest colored raffia and tag, along with instructions and ingredients and sell them for a great price if people want a easy "thank you" gift for someone at this time of year. I am not sure this one will sell as much but I thought I'd give it a try and it's something I don't have to cook! Have the kids help and go around with you too!

For packaging I'll be using brown sandwich bags. They are cheap and VERY cute when dressed up a bit. After all, the best present is "brown paper packages tied up with string"!. Here is an idea from what I did for friends and neighbors cookies last Christmas. This photo is from Angry Chicken where I got the idea last year. Mine were more full and I used rick-rack ribbon and cheap price tags w/ red writing and snowflakes drawn. I don't have that blog on here anymore to show you, but this gives you the idea.

Some ideas may be:

-You favorite bread

-Homemade candy

-Homemade cards (I saw a whole group of women at costo around the big pack of handmade cards. I think this could be a big hit)

-Jar Mixes for all kinds of baked goods or coffee mixes

-potholders or scarfs (if you crochet or knit fast, other wise, start now for next year!)

Here is another packaging idea: A coffee cake would be cute put in a coffee mug w/ ribbon.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seek The Lord In Schooling Saturday: Relationships

Well, here we go, my first post in this department. I hope some of you others will take up the theme too so we can share and pray for one another.
Again, "Seek The Lord In Schooling" is for every mom with kids in every arena of schooling. It is a time to share praises and to share concerns. Or perhaps just what the Lord is laying on your heart in regard to your kids education and schooling. It's for the homeschool mom and the public school mom and everything in between.
My burden this week is a regaining of diligence so that I can spend some more time talking to Princess. This last week was hairy to say the least. I need to learn better how to structure my time. We did way too much this week. We did not get to have our share at the table time as much because of these events. I realize how special that time is and how we need it. So, this next week, my prayer is that I will be diligent at home to have complete freedom to just relate to my kids more.
People think if you kids go to school, you have all this time. Well, you do, but life always has something for you. This week, I had one home sick, a baby needed watching by a friend who needed sleep, another friend in the hospital, playdates and an outing as a family, lots of baking, and a full day of deal shopping for groceries and Rick's birthday. Needless to say, the house has needed my attention when the kids were home. That is what we don't want. Our burden when putting them in school was for me to wear the housewife hat and do it well, so that the minute I pick them up, my mommy hat is on. I am not supposed to do housework during kid time. The only exception we allow is dinner making and clean up. It's amazing how much they really are home! Especially with a holiday this week, and one home sick. That gave me three days of school, which equals 18 hours. Six of which I ran errands, four of which I watched a sweet baby (and realized how much I suck now at good I use to be at that!), and that leaves eight hours and at least half of that I did baking. Not as much time as one might think.
So, I am praying for discipline and wisdom to know what to say not to for myself and our family. I am praying for perseverance for the everyday to have that haven my family loves to come home to. I'm praying for opportunities to be mommy this week and relate to my precious children and in that, disciple them for the Lord. My I seek him this week all the more. I'll report how it went next week.
What are your thoughts regarding schooling and your kids this week? How are you seeking the Lord for them and your family ? Do you have specific prayer needs? Do you have triumphs you just want to thank him for? Do you have something that worked great for your family? If you don't have kids in school, remember you are schooling them every day in every way so that does not exclude you. What are your thoughts regarding their learning and even their training in the Lord? What things are you starting to notice about they way they learn? What is the Lord showing you? What are you delighting in?
Share, share, share!
And remember, always seek the Lord for their schooling...HE is faithful to direct and it will lead to your delight!
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Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks Because He's Passionate About Politics

Though this sometimes drives me nuts when he's yellin' at the TV or the radio during debates, he is very, very passionate about the issues of the nation. He makes up for my out-of-it-ness on the issues. Though, I have to say, this election I'm pumpin' it up.
Rick is a major Rush fan. I appreciate this because I use to be. Now I can't stand to listen to him after life kid drama. So, he gets his fix while he's sorting all yawl's mail in the morning. If he could listen to political radio all day, he would.
It's very unlike him the rest of the time. He is non-confrontational in every way, and I mean EVERY. The kids have to get him really cranky before he raises his voice one notch. But, in politics he is all about voicing himself. Sometimes I wonder if he will do more with this passion. We'll see.
So, Rick, though I hound you for calming down sometimes....I'm thankful you are a strong conservative man and have a heart for standing up for whats right in America.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Setting Out On Some Tough Journeys

Like I said, our pastor taught an amazing sermon on debt. I hope to blog about it soon, but not here. Actually, SFE will be slowing down a bit as I will be focusing on some goals my husband and I are convicted to make.
Thus the birth of two new blogs:
A Slave No Longer - is where we will begin to map out our journey to be debt free. I'm not sure exactly how it will play out, but I plan to be honest and tell it how it really is. We will talk about budgets and goals, things we are giving up, and things we are working through. Posts will average one a week. It's mostly public to keep us accountable to stay focused but if others can be encouraged too, then so be it! You are welcome to cheer us on at any point too....we will need it I'm sure.

Good, Better, Best- My very own journey to finishing off some major health goals. Accountability groups are not working for me. I am going to focus on doing all for the glory of God in these areas of my life: eating, get going, resting, positive body intake, and time management control.

Of course, focusing on these will make my time here slow down. In fact, I am going to be scheduling when I blog or read blogs in that effort for time management. So you are welcome to follow any little avenue I'm in on that day. On that note "What's the Deal?" is no more I'm sorry to say. Two reasons (1) my couponing has slowed down as I'm going even more hard core into staples of beans, rice, tuna, and sale meats etc. and (2) the bit I do do will take all my time so I won't have time to share. I do hope you will continue to visit Money Saving Mom always linked on my side bar for all the homework you need.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkins, Recipes and a Blog Tag

We had a great pumpkin farm day this year. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of great pics though. Princess was feeling sick and had a bad headache. By the time the trip was nearly over she was in the car with a fever. She ended up having what Superkid did last week. These long incubation periods bug me because you think it's over but it's not. She did good just to be trying to smile in the photos. Lilo was fighting off tears moments before these were taken (the first two anyway) because we were not able to fit in the hay ride this year. So, they sat on the tractor for a pic and had to try to look their happiest. They did have a great time the rest of the day though. We were so glad Rick was able to go and we went with the G. family from church (not sure if you use last names being careful:)

The yearly tradition of a honey stick is always appreciated too.:)
We came home and made Chocolate Pudding Cake to top off the day! Superkid was thinking it was heavy, thus the strain to smile for the picture. :)*

We came home and incorporated the tiny pumpkins into the dining room decor. Wow, lovin' the orange. The do get carried around and played with most of the time too. When I talked about baking the larger ones, Superkid acted like I was going to murder something. I told him, we would wait until the last minute possible before the pumpkin would be going bye bye anyway. I think he things they last forever.
After the pumpkin farm, we went to get apples with our friends and now have some great crispy sweet ones in the fridge. I'm hoping to post some apple recipes in the Cupboard soon. In the meantime there are a bunch of new ones:
Florentine Chicken Ring

Chili Skillet
Trial Mix Cookies (originally from Christina)Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

And...finally today...I'm getting FINALLY to a blog tag from my friend Nicole. Sorry it's taken me so long Nicole!

1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write six random things about yourself.
3. Tag six people at the end of your post.
4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along.

Six Random thing about me:
1. I have to put lotion on my hands every time I fold laundry. Otherwise, I hate the way the static in the clothes feels on my hands.
2. I can't seem to get through a movie anymore. I can strain my eyes to watch one episode after another online for Lost, or CSI, or Heroes , but movies has lost my attention. If I do watch it, is is nearly always in two segments.
3. I am trying to grow my hair down past my back. I'm half way there.
4. I sometimes hate that my brain thinks too much. Sometimes it wears even me out, but there is no off button.
5. I'm achin' to make some apple cider in my crockpot soon. I found some cinnamon sticks in my spice cabinet and will be putting it on my next grocery list to get apple juice and lemons.
6. I have never completely fit in to one group anywhere in my life. I always manage to find a faithful handful of friends. Wow, that's pensive. I'm all deep now.

If your a blogging buddy...tag, you it.:)

Well, gotta run and make another batch of those trail mix cookies before the kids get home from school. They ate them all yesterday! Good thing they are healthy.