Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Tid Bit's and Pictures

Some announcements first:
If you read often here, feel free to join the new "followers" group on the left side bar. I personally feel they should have chose a better term than "followers".... this is no movement people, just my brain and life in type...nothing more. "Readers" would have sufficed! Anyway, it's a new fun feature through blogger I thought I'd try out.
This week I hope to add some new features to The Cupboard. One will be my menus for the week or two weeks even at times with links if the recipe is on there (I'm really hoping to slowly excel the content of that site), and second will be a link list for some other favorite recipe sights. Please, if you have links you love, let me know here and I'll check them out! I'm looking for links that allow you to throw together what you have left in your cupboards and make a dinner with it. I know some of you know those....where are they?
If you did not read the previous (long) post. You may want to to understand what I'm hoping to write during the week.

So...on to pics.
Last week today, we went with my friend Shonda to the Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey. Her goal was to have a family outing day and escape our 108* temps. It worked. It was gorgeous there! I debated going because last week was my funk week and I had so much housework to do. Then, I remembered my favorite poem on my wall:
"cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow,
for babies grow p, we've learned to our sorrow."
And I knew the housework would always be I went.
It was so fun!

Here are the pics.

Lilo loved the rock climbing wall.

Lilo and Superkid
Lilo and Superkid on the big beautiful train.
Superkid striking a pose for mommy.

The very fun shrub maze.
Superkid is hiding from some boys he's playing hide and seek with.

The train
Lilo with Dennis the Menace

Princess on the long bridge.
The view of the park from the long bridge.
The Monterey Bay in the very far distance.
Princess going down the wiggle slides.
For some reason blogger is not letting me put up the last three pics. I will try to put them in a separate post.


Judy said...

"for babies grow p"? hmm.
for babies do pee...yes but no
for babies grow peas...nah
for babies grow up...yes!
Love Monterey! So nice the cool breezes, and love the pictures! complete with a train! Neat-o!

Zimms Zoo said...

That is an awesome park. Wish we had one like that around here.

It is a really neat tool for throwing together a meal.

I use it toward the end of a pay period when I didn't account for all the days or something.

Christina said...

All recipes has that feature. You can also google "recipe with ingredients you have".