Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sick Day Not Taken

Friday, September 18 2008

Well, that's really any sick day in the life of a mom isn't it!? I have been fighting a cold for five days and when I thought it was getting better, it took a dive into worse yesterday. Today it's dreadful. I'm sitting on my bed, next to my tissue box and Rick is bringing me thera-flu. I pushed myself to live a normal day today and am wondering if it was wise.

Why am I writing about this? Well, because lately I've been thinking about what I started blogging for in the first place, to journal my life day by day. Somewhere in there and after years of being on the web, I have had to be more careful what I write about. When your family and many strangers are reading your life, you start to wonder what you can say, and what you can't. Yet, it's not what I wanted to blog to be. I do want to do the fun things, the deep thoughts, the testimonies of what God is doing in our lives. Yet, I'm missing the every day mumbo jumbo blogs. So, today is just about today.

Rick and I went to Back to School night last night, and my mom came too! It was great. It was fun for the kids to let Nana see their rooms, desks, and meet their teacher. My mom had not been to the campus since I was there in Jr. High! Since there are many of the same people there on the faculty, she knew who a good handful were. Just older and chubbier! :) Aren't we all. Except someone who's name starts with know who you are!:)LOL

Anyway, this morning Rick and I went to kindergarten together! He has a three day weekend so he came to see the kids play before school, line up, and receive the first hour of lessons in the classroom. Then he went home to mow, and I stayed to oversee six little kindergartners do their packets.

I have to say, I am so thankful for Superkid's knack at seat work. He is not much of a loud participant in the group discussion or questions, but he can do those papers spot on. They have these little packets each day. It took many of the kids a very long time to do them and many, many moments of intervention on my part. Though my son was in the group I had, he was the only one who did not need an ounce of assistance as to what to do on the work. He only wined about the page that has him practice his name six times. Sorry buddy, I gave you a pickin' long name.

I love when I get to be at the school. I don't want to go every day, but one day a week is a blast for me. It's so fun to get to know the kids and it's refreshing to be in a large group of ones in one age group. I'm use to working with my three on three different levels in homeschooling, so a room full of kindergartners is precious, and Lilo's second grade class is the same. I look forward to getting to be in Princess' class starting next month.

After kindergarten, Rick picked us up. I walked out behind the line of students and it felt strange to be on the other side of the fence with all the parents anxiously waiting our arrival for pick up. It was fun too though. Rick said "hi kids! how was school?" Silly guy.

From there the three of us headed to McDonald's for the special treat of a happy meal for Superkid. The occasion was the issue of Batman Lego's as the toy. There were not actually Lego's so he was a little disappointed for a few seconds. But the toys were pretty cool.

Costco was next for some bulk cheese, yogurt, granola bars, know, the stuff worth going for.

Then we came back north and picked up our Jetta that had been in the shop AGAIN. All last week I walked the kids back and forth to school. My neighbor was kind enough to pick the girls up in the afternoon to save me a third walk at the hottest time of the day. I got a lot of walking in though! So, now we have the car even though it had to have some big mula stuff done. We are very thankful for our little car.

Daddy and Superkid headed home and I headed to pick up the girls. We stopped for our friday usual cookie at the bank. We have one bank in our town and it's the one we use, so we stop in every Friday so the kids can get a cookie. One of the mom's there has a daughter in Victoria's class so it's a fun small town feel. Well, it is a small town.

I finally got a nap when we got home. I was so sick by this point. The nap was interrupted many times by the kids horsing around or squabbling or at my door about to come in and Rick saying "don't go in there, your mommy's sleeping" followed by my mental response "no, I'm not actually". I gave up when I started to hear the deep hum of pirates singing and new that "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End" was on. So, I pulled myself back up and went to the kitchen.

Tonight was supposed to be movie pizza night. I made the cheeseburger pizza we loved last movie night and some popcorn with butter, garlic Italian seasoning and Parmesan. Then threw some veggies and dip together and presented it all on our big coffee table. We turned off Pirates and watched what was supposed to be the pic for movie night, "Lady and the Tramp". The kids got half way through and wanted go outside to play since it was cooled off outside.

They played out till dark and I sat out there with hot tea in hand watching them. Rick and Superkid played flying batman McDonald toys, Lilo played hopscotch and jump rope sometimes simultaneously, and Princess "played" and chatted with her neighborhood friend Jessica.

It was a good simple evening but I was anxious to come in and crash.

So, here I am crashed and ready for days end. I'm supposed to get up and make a big pancake breakfast since Rick is off on a Saturday which only happens once every six weeks since his days off rotate. I'm looking forward more to the sleeping in that comes before the cooking. Hopefully.


Christina said...

Sorry your not feeling well. I hope you get better soon. Enjoy your Saturday with your hubby. I know that's a treat.

I am Katy, said...

Get well soon. We have the cold making its way through our house too. So far the kids are in the thick of it and Chuck and I have had sore throats for 2 days. No fun.

Judy said...
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tricia said...

Hi Alicia,

I am glad you had a three day weekend with Rick. It is hard to be mom and be sick.