Friday, September 5, 2008

A Step Back, Take It Down a Knotch.....And There it is!

I was glad I posted the previous blog. It put the elements together and let me stew on them. The bed spreads were not working with the bold walls. Yet, the girls loved them so I needed to make them work. The lamps were driving me nuts even though I knew this meant a trip to walmart and that lovely questions "how many items do you have?" followed by the pause for pink stickers to be slammed on my purchases only to get to wait for the lady behind the return desk to pry them off (can you feel the love here?:*). I hate to say I got an inspiration from TV, but I did. When I walk on the treadmill (few and far between right now) I watch Heroes on Netflix online. I just love the decor for Claire Bennett's room. There are some cute ideas on there if you pay attention. My favorite thing though are the acrylic clear ball lamps on her dresser. I started with that, and I'm coming back to it. The brass is to grown up and serious. So, this is similar to what I'm going for, but watch Heroes and pay attention to Claire's room if you want to see the lamps. (I'm only in season one...I don't know if it's in later on).
I'm probably not going with the shade style....though the aqua polka dot is cute!

So.....let's take this turn.... French Provincial meets Shabby Chick....

Same Furniture,

Same Painting,

same bedding, and with these colors:

The site only lets you color a few pillows on the bed, and those represent the bedding in the previous post. The decision has been made to do one color. I just could not get happy with two. I think I'll leave the border anyway if it works...we'll see.

I like that the little yellow flowers are in this picture because the third element will be the splashes of yellow, possibly some orange, and magenta pink. Thus returning to the tones in the Pier one pillow fabric in a few posts ago.

What I found was, that if you make the walls your focal point, you have to cater to it with your accessories. If you make them more subtle, you can have pops of color added and it won't over whelm. I think the furniture will look real good against the blue walls.

I like this scheme because it also leaves room for the color pops of everyday girlie things. Thier stuffed animals, books, baskets, stereo...all have their own splash of color and against a screaming wall, it just does not work. It would work on an adult room if the adult was not a clutter bug at all and only had those things out that cordinated with the scheme. That is just not possible with a 7 and 10 year old set of chicks. :)

For the windows, I plan (and Karen, you may get even more homesick now...sorry) to pull out the white sheer curtians that were in the room when we moved in, and add some cheap shaby chick valance with it's own little statement over that.

So it's almost time to paint shop!


Kristen Borland said...

i like this idea better. we'll need to see pics of everything when it comes together!

Zimms Zoo said...

I have been following this with great interest. 1) because I can't see colors on walls until they are actually painted there. you know what I mean. So I am no help with picking colors.

2) the zookeeper is an graphic artist and has been commenting on you color scheme and was interested on what you would choose.

I definitely like this new idea better.