Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy's First Day In Kindergarten

This morning was fun. It was my first day in Superkid's class. Wow, you really appreciate your teachers when you do that. I will be in the kids classes at least one day a week.

It was good to get to know the kids, and see what my son does in a morning. I was amazed by some things. One was that the kids do so well sitting still for the first hour being instructed in what they are learning for the day.

Mrs. E demonstrating before, between and after. Superkid coloring his theme for the day, the pig. He was to choose five colors since he was five and make sure to use that number on his pig. One of his was white and at first I thought he was trying to opt out of having to do another color, but I looked close and he did actually color it white. These packets are what they go to do in groups (I got to be in charge of a group of five kindergartners) after their instruction time. They include a page to practice their name writing with lowercase letters except for the first letter of their name, practice of the number three from the instruction beforehand, a page to follow hop lines and loops to practice writing, a worksheet to practice before, between, and after, and their pig page. Then, they were to take colored math blocks and demonstrate a pattern of aabb.

Outside after recess they line up on the little dots in boys and girls lines and wait to go in. I got to see Lilo too, and they get to play together at recess. Lilo has been known to come help little brother with his snack bags. :) Notice his shirt is hiked up? He has been sucking on his shirts for the past few days. His permanent bottom teeth came fully in behind his baby teeth and we were very distraught because that meant we were going to have to have the baby teeth pulled. Then, a few days ago, that big tooth started to move forward and the baby one is loosening. Hopefully it will continue to progress on it's own. It is making him want to chew on his shirt though:*.

One of his favorite things is to play in the playhouse in the classroom (notice his head nearly touching:)

On that note:

These are the chicks that they painted the first week of school. Most of them look like that.

Here is Superkid's:

Post Comment if you can tell me the irony (or for any thing else too if you want:).


Kristen Borland said...

hmmm... is it because of his long legs? i have to say, that's one cute little chick! i love the squinty eye.

tricia said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed your first day volunteering. I learned a lot when I was in Iw classes about the kids and what he was learning.

Zimms Zoo said...

I was thinking tall boy, tall chick. Man that boy has gorgeous blue eyes!

How fun to be able to help in his class.

I have a good friend that has her kids in public schools. Since her oldest is in Junior High she volunteers in the office 1 day a week so she can have lunch with him and touch base.

What a great way to start the school year. Did you learn anything new in your kindergarten class? (just teasing!)

Judy said...

So cute! The chick is tall. LOL. It's going to be a good year.