Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day Of Simple Joys

I got to do something special today. Something that meant a lot to me. I got to finally put up the light my dad bought for my mom 20 years or more ago. I was with him when he bought it (I would have put this in my favorite things blog if I had had it up) at a flea market somewhere. He thought she would like it because of the yellow daisies, my mom's favorite flower. It went in box in his shop and they never had a place to put it up where they lived.

When we moved in here I thought someday I would get a black iron work chandelier but then I remembered that old one. I asked my mom if she still had it. She said she was pretty sure. We went out to dad's big shop and started digging. It's so emotional to be in his shop. She has not had the heart to move anything so most of it is where he put it. She had some guys come after he passed away to help get rid of some dangerous things she didn't want around (okay, lots of guns:). Besides that, it's been sitting like a time capsule. We found the light and I was so thrilled. She said I could have it. It has been sitting at my house in the box for a month. Today, Rick put it up for me. Thank you honey! I cried. Can you believe that? It just meant so much to me to have it hanging and being enjoyed as he had hopped it would. It's so special to me. The other fun today was Rick pulling out the harvest tote for me. I always love how I forget exactly what's in there. I took down the tea cups and set out the mugs from the dollar store I got a few years ago that I love using for spiced tea or cider. Actually I kind of get everything from the dollar tree:). The sunflowers are usually in my bedroom and I just bring them out this time of year. They were a fun Michael's 90% off find. (Someday we'll get to staining those chairs. I can't decide if I want them all whitewashed or stained to match the table. Votes?)A few years ago Maxwell House coffee put out some collective cans. I keep this one on a shelf and throw junk in it to address when I can figure out where it should go. I dumped it out when I realized it made the perfect harvest centerpiece for my dollar store foliage.
After the fun break of decorating (and the dinning room is the only room I do right now. Someday I'd love to make pillow covers for the living room too), it was time to clean my messy kitchen and clear out the fridge. It was a good day to make a what I call a "soup goulash". This is when there are leftovers that would be great in a pot of soup. Today it was corn, vegi mix, brown rice, and some potatoes. I don't even bother chopping the potatoes now, I just throw it all together and save it for when I have some left over meat. Mix with a broth and make some bread in the machine, or corn bread, and dinner is served.
Rick went out with Superkid after kindergarten, to wash our old vintage beauty that we have to sell because we don't have the money to upkeep it and do what it needs. It runs, but it's not reliable. It needs a good home thought, cause by the time I have grandkids, I'll probably see it at an oldies car show. It's a 1974. I'm sad it has to go.

Superkid did what any normal California kid would do, tried to cool off. Yes, it's STILL hot. The only place I have fall is my blog, and now, the dining room. So, he found the closest thing to a pool he could. Thank God for small favors.:)

We had a lovely afternoon when all the kids were home from school and we sat and talked about the day over smoothies. I started cooking and Rick did a puzzle with Lilo. We were still shut in from the heat.

Our house is always the hub for the neighbor kids. Every day there are knocks on our door after school. I have had to be a real stickler about not letting them come in till homework is done but that usually only takes the girls 30 min. Lilo gets a packet on Monday's that is due on Friday's. She is always so eager to get it done. Today she got the whole packet done, and she spent the evening practicing cursive writing for fun! Who are you, and what have you done with my school hating daughter? Love it.
This is Riley and Johnny playing Lego's with Superkid.
Dinner was an adventure of a quiche. I did not have a recipe either so I was nervous. I knew I had eggs, bacon, cheese, powdered milk, and a few strips of bacon yet to cook. We ended up with a yummy bacon and cheese quiche and some oven roasted potatoes and onions. Served with orange juice...yummy.
My crust was obviously not covered. I'm thinking that is what I should have got from the last Pampered Chef party! I also was unsure how much egg mixture to put in. Another 1/2 cup of milk and egg would have been perfect.

Domestic simplicity, family huddles, and some decorating for the season. It was a good Monday.


Christina said...

Your fall decorations look beautiful! And I love the lamp. It goes so well with your decor. Everything looks lovely.

I used to own a pampered chef pie ring. I think that's what you're talking about. It never fit my oversized pie plates. If I still have it, it's yours. I'll go look when I get a chance, but you know I cleaned out my cupbords this summer. I may have already given it to the good will.

Christina said...

Oh, and I vote you stain the chairs to match the table. Maybe it's all the fall decroations, but I think that would look very polished. I love dark wood.

Gombojav Tribe said...

Easiest pie crust ever:

1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup oil
2 Tbsp. milk
2 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt

Stir ingredients together in pie plate, then shape by hand for crust.

We make quiche on a regular basis around here. It's a staple, I guess. This is the crust I use. It tastes really good. It doesn't requiring any rolling and doesn't make any mess. You just mix it in the pie plate and then press it into shape!

I know, it sounds pretty sketchy, but it's really good!

Zimms Zoo said...

I love the fall decorations. Those are some I don't usually do. We don't have lots of storage and I love Christmas. So I have save all my storage for that. But I think I will start adding to it soon. Especially when eveyrthing goes on sale.

How wonderful to have that light up! What a great way to have somethign to remember your dad by.

tricia said...

I love you fall decorations. You know how I feel about those colors. Great lamp. beautiful and full of memories. A treasure.

Just to let you know the video at the top does not work.

Alicia said...

I'm with ya..I think stain would be better. :)

Thanks for the reciepe. I think I remember seeing that on your blog before and thought I should try it. I'm hoping to do more quiche myself because it is so economical and costco eggs are cheaper than TJ's now! Yeah! (yes, I squeel over the price of eggs:)

Yeah, the best time to get a tote ready for next year is Target's 90%seasonal clearance, or Michael's 90%, or the dollar store. I also find some fun things (that will come out at thanksgiving time) at our nearest goodwill outlet. This is what we call "the dig". You can call your local goodwill and see where the nearest one is. It's hit and miss though. I did not put my tote together all at once, it's a slow collection and I have to be picky because we only have a shed, no garage and NO storage inside except for our normal closet stuff.

I think of you and Shonda when I decorage for fall. You are my orange and yellow lovin sistas!!!:)
Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the video. Bummer, it was a good one. It's no longer avaliable.:%

Kristen Borland said...

i just wish it actually FELT like fall outside! when's it going to cool off?!

btw, i love quiche! one of my favorite dinners. and i really miss it because this baby does NOT like eggs!

Kristen Borland said...

oh, yes, and i vote the chairs should be stained to match the table.

Amy B said...

Love all the fall stuff! How fun to make a day of it! Glad you are enjoying yourself!

julie said...

the decorations look great! i love fall as well. i really like your mom's haning lamp! what a nice memory!