Friday, February 20, 2009

New Post Over At Happy Homebody

I am making use of the computer for the day. A new post (some thoughts regarding the octuplet mom) is up at "The Happy Homebody" .
Oh, and btw, if you had SFE on your blog reel can you replace it with this new open blog. There is an invitation there to SFE also but that way I can stay connected with the flow of blog links.
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On Borrowed Computer Time

I feel as if I've fallen of the face of the earth when it comes to the blog. I miss you all so much and yet, life without a computer has been good in many ways. The time sucker of wanting to write so much is gone, but the joy of writing is gone too.
It's been good timing, I've been so busy.
Rick and I finished our PRIDE classes for Foster parenting. We are in the process of finalizing the paperwork, Dr. visits, fingerprinting etc. Even if God stopped us here, it's been an educating experience and we have really enjoyed working with people both saved and unsaved. We have made some new relationships that seem as if they will continue on. If we do make it into bringing in a child or sibling group, these support connections with be so great. One couple we bonded with in particular is going into foster care/adopt because they cannot have their own children. We are supposed to be getting together soon. We all hit it off so well.
I put the crib back up and found some great bedding at the thrift store for five bucks. My friend Tricia came over and let me know the bedding was from Johnsons and was originally nearly 200 dollars!!! Wow, score! She use to work there so she would know. I almost forgot how to put the crib together..tee, hee! And! And, it nearly killed my back to do it this time. I'm getting old. Or my back is anyway. Another weird fact to mention was that the hand me down mattress given to us was the EXACT one the kids had and it was a rare one so I was surprised. Who knows, maybe it was ours. So, the crib is complete again and put up in our room. It reminds me to pray for these children whether I get them or not. We don't even know if we will end up with an infant but we are open to a sibling group so it needed to be made ready. Now we are on the hunt for a good hand-me-down twin mattress for Superkid's bottom bunk which is now open for play.
We hope to get to take in a 2-4 year old boy with a possible infant sibling. It's God's adventure for us though, so , we'll let Him write it!:)
The kids are still doing great with school and it continues to be a blessing. I'm up there a lot. Princess is in the throws of finishing a book report and researching for a state report. She is learning the valuable lesson, hard to learn in homeschool, that things are due when they are due, and you can't save it for later because later means too much in the end. It's been hard to see her struggle with this but I know it's important. I was homeschooled a lot in highschool and not learning this well hurt me in college.
Yesterday Lilo had her field trip to see the Monarchs in Pismo. I pulled Superkid out so he could go with us. It was a fun day. Lilo has been sick this week though with a cold and Pink Eye. She started the drops in time to go on the field trip, which she pushed herself to do,but is home feeling rough again today. She has to run to the store with me and then she is going down to get well over the weekend.
Well, I'm afraid this is all the update I have time for today!
Oh, Rick was excited to get to see the bike race come through town yesterday! He is a big fan on the Tour De France and Lance Armstrong so he got a kick out of that. I think when our later years come, biking will be the sport of choice. I think he would look pretty cute in all that get-up. :)
Bless you all! Please say hi! I'll check back when I can to read your notes. I miss everyone so!