Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Found My Inspiration...Now What?

I've been debating on what to color the girls room. We have to do it because the old paint is very worn. I think the white part of their room is actually just primer because when I tried to remove crayon from the wall, the paint started to come off!

It has been white on top and light purple on the bottom with middle trim around the middle. I've wanted to go more bold because the room is big and can afford a darker color.

I was waiting for Rick to finish at the doctor (he dropped me off at Target shopping center) and ended up walking through Pier one where I saw this pillow pattern for some of their wicker furniture. I loved the color combos in it, it's just want I'm looking for.

So, from here I need to pic two colors. A darker for the bottom and a lighter for the top. Both girls are leaning to liking blues and greens right now and Lilo does not like pink. So, I'm thinking right now of pulling the yellow/orange and the aqua blue in it. Any thoughts or ideas?
(I think you can click to enlarge)
I also have this cute picture set of them when they were little that uses Gerber that is another mental theme. Bold, but beautiful.


Kristen Borland said...

i would have said the green and pink or blue and pink, but if lilo doesn't like pink, then the orange-yellow and aqua sounds pretty. love those fabrics!! oh, gerber daisies would be so cute in there too! i'm imagining giant gerber daisy murals on the walls.

by the way, you used lilo's real name in this post!!!

I am Katy, said...

Oh, how fun, I love decorating. The inspiration fabric is very cheery. Aqua, yellow and orange look great together! I think it would look good if you did just the yellow on the walls (maybe two shades of the same color with a white chair rail or stenciling in between) and used the blue and orange as accent colors. Maybe paint the furniture white and do a few key pieces in orange (their desks or headboards). Throw pillows and a framed mirror in blue. You could even do one girl's bed with an orange headboard and aqua bedding and the other girl's with the reverse. I can't wait to see what you end up doing.

tricia said...

I love the fabric. I have no ideas for you. Kate gives some great ones. I can't wait to see how the room turns out.

Karen said...

I love the aqua and orange idea, shades pulled from those pillows! Remember too, pick two shades lighter of the color you think you want as once it's on the walls it will look darker.

And I have to chuckle and almost apologize...the upper color in the girls' room (and in the few remaining "white" parts of the house) isn't a color, it's what the house originally came in and you are right, it's either basic primer or flat white and I couldn't stand it cuz it shows the dirt so easily and is impossible to clean! But hey good news, no priming when you paint over it lol!

Don't forget to show us "after" pics!!

Judy said...

Soft aqua and soft orange. Hard colors will date quickly. Hang fabric (like a turkish throw) on ceiling. Very soft and calming. I love decorating!