Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Enjoying the World

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Taking a break from my heavy theme (which I will be coming back to much this week and further on if need be, at present I am praying, reading, talking with my husband and seeking...it's enjoyable but brain frying just the same) to share recent pictures and every day joys. We certainly live life on two different levels. We have the joys of seeking truths from God, sitting at His feet, and the healing balm of the every day and the smiles on our babies faces. The things that keep us busy and are like fresh breezes that revive. I think God knew with our feeble minds that hurt from stretching way out to find deep truths, we needed the respite of their simple beauty, and they are all gifts from Him.

Daddy was trying to get Superkid to pose for a picture of his lost tooth. He was in the bath at the time and playing around with faces for the camera. His teeth are so small, it's so hard to see the void. Actually, it's not much of a void since the new tooth is right there behind it. It just needs to come forward now.
Daddy helping Superkid get squeaky clean. I use to take so many cute baby bath pictures....now I have to be more discreet, but they are still so cute with wet heads and bubbles!

One of the best leftover transformations I've ever done and thought I'd share. In the Cupboard I have recipes for a Lentil Casserole and also a White Chicken. Now, I took the leftover white chicken (there was left over rice too, you could use that as well, but I didn't) which had remnants of that cream of mushroom and cream cheese sauce on it that is oh so yummy, and mixed it up with a half a can of cream of chicken soup and shredded Mexican cheese. This was the filling for what some people call "White Enchiladas". You just wrap it in four tortillas, and pour a green sauce over it. This sauce was actually a Verde salsa which I prefer over the Enchilada sauce because this has more tomatio's (sp?) in it. For the Left over Lentil Casserole, I just mixed in about half a cup or a more of salsa and re-baked it with the enchiladas. It gave it back some moisture and added spice. That and a salad made a great and different dinner from the other two when they were the main course.

Two little gents. Superkid and RW at a birthday party this past Sunday. Chatting over cake. They get along like a dream and absolutely love each other.
Lilo and two of her best buddies HW and SS. All the same age within months and have known each other their whole little lives.
Their buddy the birthday boy, also their age and also a friend from infancy. Lilo and this little guy are great playmates since she is not the Barbie/ Princess type. They always have a great time hangin out.

Shasta caught relaxing in Superkid's toy cubbies. Doesn't she look like a stuffed animal? It's a big improvement on the rat she and brother both resembled when we rescued them. They have been the best kittens. They get themselves into trouble at times, but what interesting being doesn't?:)
Princess and Johnny our neighbor and buddy coloring in the girls room. Their furniture is all in the middle of the room like an island so that I can prepare to get around to the walls to paint them. Still waiting for the funds to start that project. Simply after bath silly faces from Lilo. The girl's a ham, what can I say?

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
E. B. White

For today...I'm relishing the enjoyment...I think I'll do it tomorrow too!:)

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