Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do You Like Good Music? Yeah, Yeah!

This post is highly temporal. :*

If I was called liberal, it would be in the area of music. Rick and I both LOVE all kinds of music. We do have stuff we don't like of course, but it's not a huge list.
We really like music that makes us move.
I've loved my stays at pandora.com but lately it's not been narrowing down enough to the ones I really like. So, I'm starting the long process of creating my own playlists at www.projectplaylist.com.
Many of you who have read here for a while know I've used these on the blog before. It's not convenient for some to have it blaring when they get on though, so I took it off.
From now on there will be a bunch of different playlists to choose from. I only have my 80's and 90's favorites up right now (and yes, this set is secular, so if you don't do secular music, just ignore it).
Again, there is so much free music out there online. All you need is a red and white cord in the back of your stereo that will link to a headphone jack that will link to your computer. Distance does not have to stop you, I have a 20 foot extension cord for my headphone jack usage.
These playlists, when pumped into a stereo system are amazing. I won't need to buy CD's for a long time.
The 80's and 90's is a lot of memories from Jr. High and High School. Even some before that I've come to love because of my hubby who is six years older than me and and a major product of the 80's. We have fun. I will be adding more songs as I find them. It takes time to pull it together. This one is my favorite for house work and exercise.
You will find the playlists at the bottom of the page.
To come will be:
Worship Favorites
Favorite Christian Hits
Quiet Evening Mix
Classical Sunday Afternoon Mix

...and maybe some others...we'll see!


Kristen Borland said...

i always love finding out what music people like. it's easy to say you listen to the local christian radio station... but i like to know what really makes you move! personally, i'm a country girl. my husband? he's dedicated to the 80s (but puts up with my country).

Alicia said...

yeah, I stopped being shy about my variety tastes a few years ago. I know a lot of the music is not benificial as Paul would say but neither is dessert. I did try to be good since there are some I couldn't put on, like Prince's "Kiss" (and can we not all see Julie Robers in the bubbles going "and your X-X-X, kiss"...oh, dear now I've admited to watching pretty woman, I'ts all down hill from here:) I do enjoy some great "benificials" too!
The purple play list is the one that makes me move, and when it comes to housework, I need the oposite of "tempt me to sit and have some tea" music.:)
I touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to coutry. I like it by song. I love "Fishing in the Dark" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (in fact I have that CD), and some Faith Hill and Shiniah Twain but there are really cross-overs.
Your hubby should get to gether with my hubby and have a jam session! :)

Kristen Borland said...

you're funny! i have to listen to my kjug sometimes in order to get in the mood for cleaning or doing the dishes. when the kids are around, i'll listen to cds instead of the radio (for censorhip! you never know what song will come on the radio and won't be able to run to the radio fast enough to turn it off!). i remember one night on the cruise (with mike's work) there was an 80s night theme at the disco dancing room. i have to admit, it was tons of fun!

Zimms Zoo said...

My dh loves all kinds of music. He exposes the kids to all kinds too. Therefore they listen to a lot that most of their Christian firends don't listen too.

But I like that. It isn't all bad and I love the 80's!

Alicia said...

yeah, the radio is a little more risky. that's why i love the playlists.
it all kinda goes over their heads when their little (except if they retain something and tell it to grandma!:), but now i have a budding tween to think about. even with that, i'm much more relaxed than some.

i'm with ya on that. i usually know in my gut when it's one they should not listen to. a lot of my favoirte celine dion is not appropriate around my dauther now and is more my priviate enjoyment.
wait till you hear the "goof with the kids playlist" we are putting together! many legalistic christians would snarl at us for sure.
If songs distort love or are vulgar about it, I don't let them listen to it. Just enjoying the beat and movin around being a silly family together keeps you from getting old and grumpy and way too serious about life.

Oh, and one last note: I thought about it later Kristen,and realized that if non-benificial music gets us lovin doing those things that bless our family then they can be benificial!

julie said...

hey alicia.....
i am not shy about the music i listen to as well. my bro and i grew up listening to all kinds of music and we both have extremely eclectic tastes. i remember (on a sad note), the homeschool group (and the church at the time)we used to belong to and the ranting against any music other than hymns and the classics. we felt as if we were closet "smokers" or something by listening to k-life and other musical artists. well, the ole" midstate fair comes along a couple months later and we went to see casting crowns(very good.) there were TONS of people from that very homeschool group and some from that church that were attending the concert....i think they thought they were going "incognito".....:) kind of frustrating but i love to share what i like listening too. it changes with the mood, season and task (housecleaning!HEHE)

Kristen Borland said...

oh, alicia, totally beneficial! oh, and about your next post about enya, that reminds me i need to put one of our enya cds in my hospital bag for labor. hmm... and maybe some of my fav. Martina McBride to really pump me up and make me feel powerful enough to birth this little girl. ...especially her song "this one's for the girls"!

Alicia said...

see we should not build these closets that don't really exhist eh?

You had me totally laughing out loud on that one! If only peppy music worked for labor....if only! You can jig around the kitchen with her one day and have your little country girlie moments!:)

julie said...

amen my dear!!!!