Friday, September 26, 2008

Bed Head Boys

Friday, September 26, 2008

As a homeschooling mom one of my first thoughts when the Lord lead us to move into the public school (along with the "be ready by 8am!" fear) was "but I've made peace with the bedheads!". Now I was going to have to make sure my children did not look like I rolled them out of bed, threw them in a car and dumped them off to be enlightened. We just use to enlighten ourselves while still wearing the bed heads.

In public, bedheads are a pet-peeve of mine. Especially for little boys. I'm not sure why. I'm not an annal mother at all. Dirt under the fingernails is another one but I try to ignore that since I believe that digging in dirt is about the funnest thing I did as a kid, that and making mud pies and drying them in the California hot sun. Baking time for mud pies is cut in half at least when you grow up around here.
So, I was worried how I would pull it off every day. We did find a solution for all the kids, a tiny water bottle. I had also wondered what to do with the girls since they bathe at night and wake up in the morning with bubble locks not much resembling the ones you want to have. I knew they could not handle showering in the morning yet either. So, every morning the kids come into mommy in the bathroom. We spritz their hair and for the girls, I comb it and smooth it with the hair dryer. (Which on another note, just died after 10 years. You start to feel old when you actually use a small appliance to it's death) Superkid's we leave wet and he looks oh, so handsome.

This morning he had the biggest bed head I've ever seen. I had to take pictures. Rick was off today so he was sporting his (thought not quite so dramatic) along with his scruff.

The shadow is not just the shadow, that is where the hair is nice and flat. (Joan and Mom, don't you think this picture looks a lot like Rick and Ted!!!??)
The scary Mr. Bed-head Rubber band Man! Comics due to hit stores soon.;)Daddy not quite as scary but much more scruffy! Superkid looked at the pictures above in the camera and then doubled over laughing my lap. Somehow I managed to click the button.
Mr. Bedhead and Sis on the couch before school. This was BEFORE he got hit with the spritzer still. There is no problem getting Lilo ready for school. It takes her no time and she can nearly do it in her sleep. She stayed cuddled up with her back pack on for at least a half an hour before school. If it's not that, she's in the carport jumping rope. Don't ask me to do that at 7:30 am, ever!
Our cuties, hair tamed, on their way to soak up all kinds of scholastic knowledge.
Rick and I went to second grade again with Lilo today. Rick got to be there for the first time. He loved it too. The kids had substitutes so we got to help a lot since we kinda knew more than they did by now about what goes on in the classroom.

Just had to share these last few picks of Sterling. The kittens are still little but much cuter than the dirty rodent sized things we brought home. He is my favorite. Easy going, not into much, and loves to nap.

Don't you just wish you could do that any time you felt like it?

Note to bloggers: btw the new blog lists allow you to choose a "thumbnail" option for your blog reel. If you put a picture in your post first it will use that along with the title on the blog reel. I did not know what they meant by "thumbnail" until I tried it so I thought I'd tell. It makes the blog links more colorful.


tricia said...

That is some crazy bed head. I just noticed you have Iw's favorite verse on your side bar.

I like the new fall look. I hope it cools off soon here so the leaves will change and I can enjoy fall.

Lady Dorothy said...

Thanks for the tip about the thumbnails in the blogroll! There seems to always be something new happening -- that I don't know about! I like this feature and added it to my blog! Thanks for passing it on.

Alicia said...

you and me both sista-I come here to feel like it is fall. :*

Lady Dorothy-
You are most welcome! I know, I have to beef up every now and then myself.

Claire said...

When I your blog came up on my screen, I thought for a second that someone else had a blog by the same name! It looks really cool!

I know what you mean about bed-head. When we first started hsing, I saw so many hs kids with hectic hair...I decided my kids would NEVER look like that. I've been highly successful with the girl, but the boy recently grew his hair out, and it is very curly and thick. His solution? Wear a beanie. Problem solved!

Judy said...

I doubled over laughing too!!!

Kristen Borland said...

that is some pretty impressive bedhead!

like the new look of the blog, by the way. yay for fall!!

Zimms Zoo said...

Hey we do bedhead at our house during school too!

But if Brown Bear went to school I would have to keep his hair shaved. He hates messing with it.