Thursday, September 4, 2008

Perfect Bread Machine Whole Wheat

I am trying hard....hard to be frugal, and the wheat prices have finally trickled down to the supermarkets. The other day I bought some cheap bread and it was so sad, it was collapsed before I got home and it was not even near stuff to squish it! Sad. I love TJ's bread but I've noticed it dries out fast and even molds faster than my own stuff. It's had a few days traveling before it gets to me. I go through spurts when it comes to bread. I almost got rid of my bread machine because I was doing the multiple loaf in the oven thing through the fall last year. However, something told me to not be impulsive on this one and I'm glad I listened to that voice. See, when it's 107* you just don't feel like baking, so I've pulled out my little helper and she is turnin' out some great loaves.

The other problem I was having was with whole wheat not being fluffy enough for my little picky one who does not like chewing more than she has to evidently.

Here is my perfect formula right now for everyday sandwich bread:

3 cups whole wheat flour (I mill bought should work too)

1/4 cup gluten (you could leave this out if you just milled it because gluten levels are high...also, get in bulk if you can to make it cheaper)

1 1/8 cup warm water

3 Tbs. Canola Oil

3Tbs. Honey

1 tsp salt

2 tsp yeast

No, I don't use dry milk, and I don't use butter. Oil is cheaper and milk does not make enough difference to me and we would rather have it on our cereal thank you very much!:)

Order to put in machine is my own way:



yeast (why? yeast loves sugar...makes it happy. it does NOT like salt so we want to keep it away from it's enemy)



I'm hoping to add this to the Cupboard soon. I've had so little time for my other blogs lately (like the past six months:). I'm also hoping to get some awesome home made ranch on there soon.
Oh, and I'm putting some local alerts on What's The Deal in an hour or so unless something else happens to me in life, which is a possibility.:)

(I borrowed the pic from Google, but it looks like that:)


Christina said...

Thanks for sharing this, Alicia. I really want to start making more bread again too. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

Hi alicia, we love bread from tj's too. They have such great variety and most are quite healthy. We keep ours refrigerated because, yes, it does tend to mold, sometimes only after a couple of days. As long as we close it up well, the refrigerating really doesn't seem to dry it out at all. Just an idea :)


tricia said...

Yeah! your bread turned out. I am going to make a loaf later today.

julie said...

ahhh......i am addicted to bread. just got another bread machine from a garage sale and this recipe sounds great! thanks!