Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do You Like Good Music? Yeah, Yeah!

This post is highly temporal. :*

If I was called liberal, it would be in the area of music. Rick and I both LOVE all kinds of music. We do have stuff we don't like of course, but it's not a huge list.
We really like music that makes us move.
I've loved my stays at pandora.com but lately it's not been narrowing down enough to the ones I really like. So, I'm starting the long process of creating my own playlists at www.projectplaylist.com.
Many of you who have read here for a while know I've used these on the blog before. It's not convenient for some to have it blaring when they get on though, so I took it off.
From now on there will be a bunch of different playlists to choose from. I only have my 80's and 90's favorites up right now (and yes, this set is secular, so if you don't do secular music, just ignore it).
Again, there is so much free music out there online. All you need is a red and white cord in the back of your stereo that will link to a headphone jack that will link to your computer. Distance does not have to stop you, I have a 20 foot extension cord for my headphone jack usage.
These playlists, when pumped into a stereo system are amazing. I won't need to buy CD's for a long time.
The 80's and 90's is a lot of memories from Jr. High and High School. Even some before that I've come to love because of my hubby who is six years older than me and and a major product of the 80's. We have fun. I will be adding more songs as I find them. It takes time to pull it together. This one is my favorite for house work and exercise.
You will find the playlists at the bottom of the page.
To come will be:
Worship Favorites
Favorite Christian Hits
Quiet Evening Mix
Classical Sunday Afternoon Mix

...and maybe some others...we'll see!

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day Of Simple Joys

I got to do something special today. Something that meant a lot to me. I got to finally put up the light my dad bought for my mom 20 years or more ago. I was with him when he bought it (I would have put this in my favorite things blog if I had had it up) at a flea market somewhere. He thought she would like it because of the yellow daisies, my mom's favorite flower. It went in box in his shop and they never had a place to put it up where they lived.

When we moved in here I thought someday I would get a black iron work chandelier but then I remembered that old one. I asked my mom if she still had it. She said she was pretty sure. We went out to dad's big shop and started digging. It's so emotional to be in his shop. She has not had the heart to move anything so most of it is where he put it. She had some guys come after he passed away to help get rid of some dangerous things she didn't want around (okay, lots of guns:). Besides that, it's been sitting like a time capsule. We found the light and I was so thrilled. She said I could have it. It has been sitting at my house in the box for a month. Today, Rick put it up for me. Thank you honey! I cried. Can you believe that? It just meant so much to me to have it hanging and being enjoyed as he had hopped it would. It's so special to me. The other fun today was Rick pulling out the harvest tote for me. I always love how I forget exactly what's in there. I took down the tea cups and set out the mugs from the dollar store I got a few years ago that I love using for spiced tea or cider. Actually I kind of get everything from the dollar tree:). The sunflowers are usually in my bedroom and I just bring them out this time of year. They were a fun Michael's 90% off find. (Someday we'll get to staining those chairs. I can't decide if I want them all whitewashed or stained to match the table. Votes?)A few years ago Maxwell House coffee put out some collective cans. I keep this one on a shelf and throw junk in it to address when I can figure out where it should go. I dumped it out when I realized it made the perfect harvest centerpiece for my dollar store foliage.
After the fun break of decorating (and the dinning room is the only room I do right now. Someday I'd love to make pillow covers for the living room too), it was time to clean my messy kitchen and clear out the fridge. It was a good day to make a what I call a "soup goulash". This is when there are leftovers that would be great in a pot of soup. Today it was corn, vegi mix, brown rice, and some potatoes. I don't even bother chopping the potatoes now, I just throw it all together and save it for when I have some left over meat. Mix with a broth and make some bread in the machine, or corn bread, and dinner is served.
Rick went out with Superkid after kindergarten, to wash our old vintage beauty that we have to sell because we don't have the money to upkeep it and do what it needs. It runs, but it's not reliable. It needs a good home thought, cause by the time I have grandkids, I'll probably see it at an oldies car show. It's a 1974. I'm sad it has to go.

Superkid did what any normal California kid would do, tried to cool off. Yes, it's STILL hot. The only place I have fall is my blog, and now, the dining room. So, he found the closest thing to a pool he could. Thank God for small favors.:)

We had a lovely afternoon when all the kids were home from school and we sat and talked about the day over smoothies. I started cooking and Rick did a puzzle with Lilo. We were still shut in from the heat.

Our house is always the hub for the neighbor kids. Every day there are knocks on our door after school. I have had to be a real stickler about not letting them come in till homework is done but that usually only takes the girls 30 min. Lilo gets a packet on Monday's that is due on Friday's. She is always so eager to get it done. Today she got the whole packet done, and she spent the evening practicing cursive writing for fun! Who are you, and what have you done with my school hating daughter? Love it.
This is Riley and Johnny playing Lego's with Superkid.
Dinner was an adventure of a quiche. I did not have a recipe either so I was nervous. I knew I had eggs, bacon, cheese, powdered milk, and a few strips of bacon yet to cook. We ended up with a yummy bacon and cheese quiche and some oven roasted potatoes and onions. Served with orange juice...yummy.
My crust was obviously not covered. I'm thinking that is what I should have got from the last Pampered Chef party! I also was unsure how much egg mixture to put in. Another 1/2 cup of milk and egg would have been perfect.

Domestic simplicity, family huddles, and some decorating for the season. It was a good Monday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Part IV: "Lord, What Do You Want ME To Learn From This?"

(This is Part IV of my thoughs from women being pastors, elders and apostles)
Something comes accross the threshold of your life. Maybe it's simple, maybe its hard. Maybe it makes you look good, maybe it makes you look bad. Maybe you get worked up, maybe you don't. One thing I have learned to do in the midst of good and bad things, is to ask God one question: "Lord, what do you want me to learn from this?" For truly, every good and perfect gift comes from above, and every thing in life can just pass us by, or it can become a blessing when we seek what were we need to grow.
I am very much an all or nothing person. This is, as many things, a strength and a weakness. Praise God that in our weakness He is strong. So, if I can be used for Him to shine where I stink, so be it.
The Lord has been showing me that I am in great weakness in the area of "how". I've only proven that weakness recently when I let my passion for something get in the way of my wisdom of "how" to go about expressing my convictions. Fortunately the person I wronged was gracious to forgive and had their own experience of weakness that allowed an outpouring of grace from us both. We are all so prone to falling off the slippery slope of pride. I am someone to say what I think and some are prone to just think things that would be just as harsh as what I go ahead and say. I wish I had the other problem only but the fact is, God sees into us all. He is so good to not let our issues stay hidden. He brings them out into the light to humble us and show us his way.
Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me and know my anxious thoughts;
And see if there be any hurtful way in me,
And lead me in the everlasting way.
Psalm 139:13-14

What a blessing to be led in the way everlasting. What a privilage, and yet, what a discipline from the Lord. And as he so rightly says, no discipline is plesant at the time. Hebrews 12:11 Yet, oh, to be lead to the everlasting! Is it worth it? Yes, and it is the giving of our very life.

In the study of elders and deacons, I discovered something about men that I had not noticed before. In this study I found it very encouraging that there were two type of men. Authoritative leaders and Servant leaders. I had never seen that before. It says that they should be appointed according to their gifts. I had always seen this as "leaders" period. It was freeing because I realized that my husband has the gift of servant leading. He has an amazng servant's heart. In essence, he would fall under the deacon category if he were to take a role in the church.

It also goes on to say that the women are to help their husbands according to their gifts. God is very intimately aware of our gifts here, isn't that so cool?! He knows our ends and outs and wants us to come to Him as to how to use them for His glory. I realized that I have not focused on asking God this before. What gifts did you give me that are to help my husband lead this family.

This is where this is glorious. Instead of being frustrated that he can't come up with something creative to lead the children in according to their training in the word. I can realize that I AM creative and can prepare it for him. Instead of being frustrated that he does not notice things the kids are doing and therefore doesn't deal with it, I can use the gift I have of noticing and seek a way to respectfully make him aware so that he can lead them. I want to start praying about this and find out what God has been waiting to show me while I've been waisting time in the land of discontent.

Prayer to recognize gifts is perhaps the gateway to harmony in relationships. I'm finding this more and more true in all areas of life with people. After we figure out the lines God has drawn as to what he designed women to do, and men to do. There is great freedom of the unique person he has made each of us and the gifts we have that he is just waiting to use if we seek Him with a pure heart. This takes away the need for criticism, and manipulation. I have not sorted it all out yet in my head, but It's a start. When you encourage people for their gifts, as they fall under the obedience of God's word, you will stop comparing them to what you think they aught to be. I look forward to walking on in this journey.

And, it was this study of women in the church and home that brought these things to the surface in my life. It was not all fun. Some parts of what happened this last week were very hard, and very frustrating. We are all quick to be offended but not quick to see how WE may have offended. I look forward to God showing me "how" to do carry out things peaceably. I look forward to being more content with the man God made MY husband to be. I look forward to Him showing me how he made me, and me only, to be his perfect help. I look forward to getting back into that circle of blessing I keep telling my kids to hop back into.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

All I Can Say Is "Amen!" and Weep

Many of you know my dad died at the age of 54 on May 17th, 2007. His cancer came like a sharp turn around a very dark corner. It was scattered like pebbles throughout his whole abdomen and had taken over his stomach so that no food would go through. He in essence starved to death. He looked just like one of the pictures you see of the holocaust. I will never forget in the last few days helping my mom adjust his hips on his bed as he was unable to even come alert enough to look at us, let alone adjust himself. All I could feel was skeleton, it was so awful. He was in complete need of help. It was the darkest part of my life yet in a human sense. Everything I had every known to be a reality seemed to be turned upside down and entirely askew. My pain was still nothing like that of a parent who has lost a child I am sure, or a wife who has lost the love of her life (though it was for sure that for my mother), or the starving child walking in the dust of an African street. We Americans are truly numb to pain in a lot of ways. We won't even camp in many cases because of the discomfort of being away from our pampering daily comforts. Our kids won't eat (well, mine will because I don't give into this and I know many of you who won't either) eat their food because it's not what they would really like to eat. We want our home, and our picket fence and lovely dress for Sunday service. Mind you, all of these things are good gifts from God but they are not the treasure of our lives. "My heart and my flesh mail fail". To actually be in a place of seeing a persons flesh fail piece by piece, you see that verse forever differently.
Even what I went through with my dad taught me that God was not interested in my prosperity in the temporal sense. He was however, deeply invested in the prosperity of my soul. He took what the world would see as something dreadful, absolute loss, and turned it into a treasure in my soul that can not be touched by circumstance. With that behind me, this video brought me to absolute tears because it goes right to that place in my soul that I now understand. The place of absolute pain. Pain that feels like fear as C.S. Lewis so insightfully points out. The place where the world seems to completely freeze around you like one of those commercials where everything is suddenly still, only in this seen you are in the middle and you are falling on your knees in utter helplessness. You turn your face to the sky and scream at the top of your lungs "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" You have nothing in that moment. No house, no savings account, no special outing this weekend to look forward to, no comfort of a friend, no candle you can light to pray and feel better.....nothing. Yet, you have Christ. You have the treasure of Him and the promise of His purchased gift to you, redemption. With that redemption is given to you the strongest power a man can know, the power of peace without understanding. The power that comes over you when all is humanly stripped away. The power of resting in the hands of a Living God and knowing with every fiber of your being, every pulse in your veins, every breath that you take in and out, that he is able to be trusted. That He holds you, and that He will indeed fulfill His ultimate glory and you have been lovingly purchased through great expense to himself, to reap the amazing reward of that of that ultimate glory.
This video is shockingly profound, it is not meant to tickle your ears. For me, I have found it to be so true that it reaches down and pulls back out that moment n my life when I was screaming out and the world had stopped. When I was there, God used the writings and insights of three men in particular to speak to my heart. Randy Alcorn, C.S. Lewis, and John Piper. Have you been there? That is a worthy testimony, that is the victory of your salvation, the glory of the gospel. That when your very heart and your flesh fail, the Lord is your treasure and HE IS ENOUGH!

John Piper is speaking:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bed Head Boys

Friday, September 26, 2008

As a homeschooling mom one of my first thoughts when the Lord lead us to move into the public school (along with the "be ready by 8am!" fear) was "but I've made peace with the bedheads!". Now I was going to have to make sure my children did not look like I rolled them out of bed, threw them in a car and dumped them off to be enlightened. We just use to enlighten ourselves while still wearing the bed heads.

In public, bedheads are a pet-peeve of mine. Especially for little boys. I'm not sure why. I'm not an annal mother at all. Dirt under the fingernails is another one but I try to ignore that since I believe that digging in dirt is about the funnest thing I did as a kid, that and making mud pies and drying them in the California hot sun. Baking time for mud pies is cut in half at least when you grow up around here.
So, I was worried how I would pull it off every day. We did find a solution for all the kids, a tiny water bottle. I had also wondered what to do with the girls since they bathe at night and wake up in the morning with bubble locks not much resembling the ones you want to have. I knew they could not handle showering in the morning yet either. So, every morning the kids come into mommy in the bathroom. We spritz their hair and for the girls, I comb it and smooth it with the hair dryer. (Which on another note, just died after 10 years. You start to feel old when you actually use a small appliance to it's death) Superkid's we leave wet and he looks oh, so handsome.

This morning he had the biggest bed head I've ever seen. I had to take pictures. Rick was off today so he was sporting his (thought not quite so dramatic) along with his scruff.

The shadow is not just the shadow, that is where the hair is nice and flat. (Joan and Mom, don't you think this picture looks a lot like Rick and Ted!!!??)
The scary Mr. Bed-head Rubber band Man! Comics due to hit stores soon.;)Daddy not quite as scary but much more scruffy! Superkid looked at the pictures above in the camera and then doubled over laughing my lap. Somehow I managed to click the button.
Mr. Bedhead and Sis on the couch before school. This was BEFORE he got hit with the spritzer still. There is no problem getting Lilo ready for school. It takes her no time and she can nearly do it in her sleep. She stayed cuddled up with her back pack on for at least a half an hour before school. If it's not that, she's in the carport jumping rope. Don't ask me to do that at 7:30 am, ever!
Our cuties, hair tamed, on their way to soak up all kinds of scholastic knowledge.
Rick and I went to second grade again with Lilo today. Rick got to be there for the first time. He loved it too. The kids had substitutes so we got to help a lot since we kinda knew more than they did by now about what goes on in the classroom.

Just had to share these last few picks of Sterling. The kittens are still little but much cuter than the dirty rodent sized things we brought home. He is my favorite. Easy going, not into much, and loves to nap.

Don't you just wish you could do that any time you felt like it?

Note to bloggers: btw the new blog lists allow you to choose a "thumbnail" option for your blog reel. If you put a picture in your post first it will use that along with the title on the blog reel. I did not know what they meant by "thumbnail" until I tried it so I thought I'd tell. It makes the blog links more colorful.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can Women Be Pastors, Elders or Apostles? Part II: 1 Timothy 2 Is For the Church and Family

Thank you for those of you who shared in the last post. Wonderful, thought provoking stuff. I love having my brain stretched and joyfully challenged when it comes to the Word and it's Truth. I love to be reminded to be patient (and I need it, let me tell ya) and loving (thank you Julie!) and I love the absolute simplicity of faith from Tricia who said:

"I am not a scholar and do not claim to know everything about the Bible. I know a few important facts the Bible is the truth, it is God's Word, and it does not contradict itself. Since the Bible does not contract itself, Paul would not be saying in one place that men are the leaders (elders and teachers) of a church and then in another place say that a woman was a teacher (an apostle). This is a contraction. Junia would have to be male. Maybe, my thinking is to simple."

WOW! That was just so profound to me!!!! Yikes, it was like the lights went on in the realm of my faith and dimmed in the room of intellect. Both are important but it all comes down to having Faith to take God at his Word and believe that He will not let His Word contradict itself!! Excellent! Praise Him for using you Trish! It reminded me too that God meant for things to be clear and simple. We are the ones who start chopping and jumbling until what was so straight forward a child could see it, to scrounging though with our human brains to find what we think it "really" means when God has all ready told us what it means. It reminds me of what I tell the kids all the time:
"Don't come and keep asking me something until you get the answer you REALLY want." "I have answered you, you know what I have said."
We do the same to God and we somehow think that he will be quiet while we change his Words to mean what we want them to mean. The sad thing for us is that we will miss out on the blessing of taking Him at His word. That is why speaking the Truth is so important for the Glory of God and the joy of all peoples! His ways are best, even if we don't agree with them (thanks for that point Donna!)

So, if God does not contradict Himself. Then all of this issue is resting on one thing, and one thing alone. It does not rest on Junia because this coming point negates the concern to solve that mystery since God would never let His word contradict itself. The issue is whether 1 Timothy 2 is talking to the family ALONE or to the church as well.

1 Timothy 2 says:
1First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, 2 for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. 3This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, 4who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 5For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, 6 who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time. 7For this I was appointed a preacher and an apostle I am telling the truth, I am not lying), a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth.
8I desire then that in every place the men should pray,lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling; 9likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, 10 but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works. 11Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve; 14and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. 15Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control."

The first paragraph is setting the stage for the process of the testimony of Jesus (the gospel) being proclaimed. This takes place in three places the home, the church, and in public to the unsaved men and women (gentiles at the time) who need to be taught the Word of God.
What we do see:
1) "in every place"- this does not allow the detailed relation to only the home.
2) "men" and "women"
3)"Adam" and "Eve" (referred to not because JUST because they are man and wife, but because they are the beginning of the pattern God set down for roles of manhood and womanhood . Basically, they are the beginning of man and woman. The reference is to point out that God's intent was for this to be the way of blessing from the very beginning, and yes, that means before sin. Sin did not make it so women could not authoritatively preach, God designed those roles from the get go. Sin made us have a rebellion of it and mess it up from what it aught to be. The enemy wanted it messed up, Christ wants us to get back to the way God wants it)
4) "childbearing" (is is common sense that childbearing in its actually physical sense takes place in the home (or at the hospital if you want get picky). This does not mean these passages are referring to the home only, because children are born into the church, and the world for that matter. So, this word along cannot give us the context of where these rules are to take place. Remember too, that "home" is included in the spheres where men women interact. Paul did not intend for us to think that women birth at church. :* I think he knew we would not assume that specific element.

What we don't see:
1) home (though it would be included in the places men and women interact so it is part of the whole, not excluding the whole)
2) family (again, part of the whole sphere of where women and men relate, not excluding the whole)
3) husband (we all know husbands are men, but not every man is your husband, so the admonishment is all inclusive and purposefully non-specific)
4) wife (again, we know wives are women there is no question, yet not all wives are you! The passage intently says women to refer to the women of the family, and the church. Otherwise it would say "wives" as it does in other places in scripture)

Other related passages:
1 Corinthians 14:34-36; 11:2-16.

Again this article address MANY of the questions circulating this topic and I would never bore you with putting them all here. The format is question and answer so you can scroll down and read the question you would like some information on.

In summary:
The limitation is not as huge as we make it out to be. The setting is the home and the church or the place of congregated unbelievers who need to be taught the gospel but include men. The restriction is on authoritative teaching roles (pastor, elder, apostle in it's greatest sense). It is on nothing else. Christ has give women amazing freedoms and opportunities to teach, lead, and minister. A woman whining about not getting to preach is like a man who's angry he can't birth children. It is what God made it to be, and we don't have to like it, we have to obey it if we honor the words of God.
The Old Testament has women leaders and prophets. It is of note that they do not have ongoing ministries as the male leaders and prophets did and their intervention, though profound and from God is brief and in desperate times. This is not an argument against them however.
The role closest to pastor and elder in the OT is the priest. There are no women priest.

The importance of 1 Timothy 2 's application is massive. We must recognize the admonishment to the church and not just specifically the home. Again, we have to look at what it says, and what it does not say. Adam and Eve were man and woman before they were husband and wife. The problem is when we look at what the Word says and say, "this is what it means specifically" when the adress is not specific, it is general. All husbands and wives are men and women, but not all men and women are husbands and wives. That is why the passage is general and inclusive not specific and exclusive.

My conclusion:
The evidence proves that 1 Timothy 2 is speaking to the family and the church. It is referring to all women and all men. So, if God does not want women being authoritative teachers, then they should not be. Since he does not contradict himself, if Junia was a woman apostle, she was not an authoritative teacher of the scriptures to men. Otherwise, Junia is a short version of Junius and he was a male.
Simple, and straightforward. Just like most things God wants us to know.

There will only be one more part to this this weekend. In everything that comes my way, especially the things that shake me up and get me seeking Truth, I want to ask God one thing "What do you want ME to learn from this." Boy has he been showing me! One thing about this blog is that you get to see me rise and fall. Sometimes that scares me, especially because I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve in my writing. These writings are from a sinful woman. These reactions are from a sinful woman. So, you will find many faults here. Yet, if I was trying to hide that, I would not be doing God the justice of showing His glory in my life. Where I am weak, He is strong. Where I fail, He forgives. What I screw up, He uses for His glory. So, I have to be welcoming some mud on my face in order to show how He can shine despite it.
I have learned a lot from this study. God has stirred up some things in my personal life that he used this dive into womanhood and manhood to show me. He showed me the importance of studying to give an answer. I took a class that I loved in highschool (from Donna actually) in critical thinking. We learned how to debate and how to dissect faulty logic. It was one of the best classes I've every taken. There is no better place to put it to practice than in the defence of the Word of God. The lesson I learned was to keep it to my own blog. I always think everyone is as eager to stir the pot and find what's true as I am. That was conceited of me I think . So, from now on, I will be free to bring up my topics, but I will do it here. And you can come if you want to, and leave if you want to. But if you stay, I hope you always see Veritas. Challenge me if you don't.

Tomorrow I am off to second grade again! This weekend there will be a part three, and next week I am taking a break from blogging. Besides, if it were me, I would be way behind on all this reading and probably too intimidated by it's length to start!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can Women Be Pastors, Elders, or Apostles? Part 1: The Apostle Junia

Okay, time to dive in. I'd like to take one point at a time on this issue of pastors, elders, and apostles.
I want to make clear first that my husband and I are huge supporters of Sarah Palin and believe that it is completely appropriate for women to hold public office.
Second, I want to make clear that the specific disallowing argument we have is for women authoritatively teaching men in the home or the church. I want to look at what the bible does say and what it doesn't say. I want to be honest and not avoid when there is something left to debate.

In the argument for women allowed in authoritative leadership in the church there is brought up the issue of Junia. I have been researching a great deal and found that this question answer format discussion on Junia had the most fair, biblically founded, and historically researched response.

In Romans 16:7, Paul wrote, “Greet Andronicus and Junias, my relatives who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.” Isn’t Junias a woman? And wasn’t she an apostle? And doesn’t that mean that Paul was willing to acknowledge that a woman held a very authoritative position over men in the early church?

Let’s take these three questions one at a time.
1. Was Junias a woman? We cannot know. The evidence is indecisive. We did a
complete search of all the Greek writings from Homer (b.c. ninth century?) into the fifth century a.d. available now on computer through the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (Pilot CD ROM #C, University of California at Irvine, 1987), which contains 2,889 authors and 8,203 works. We asked the computer for all forms of Iounia- so that we would pick up all the possible cases. (We did not search for the possible first declension masculine genitive Iouniou, which morphologically could come from a masculine Iounias, because there is no way to tell if Iouniou might come from the man’s name Iounios; so that all these genitive forms would be useless in establishing a masculine Iounias.)
The result of our computer search is this: Besides the one instance in Romans 16:7
there were three others.
1. Plutarch (ca. a.d. 50-ca. 120), in his Life of Marcus Brutus, wrote about the tension between Brutus and Cassius, “. . . though they were connected in their families, Cassius having married Junia, the sister of Brutus (Iounia gar adelphe¯ Broutou sunoikei Kassios).”17
2. Epiphanius (a.d. 315-403), the bishop of Salamis in Cyprus, wrote an Index of
Disciples, in which he includes this line: “Iounias, of whom Paul makes mention, became bishop of Apameia of Syria” (Index disciplulorum, 125.19-20). In Greek, the phrase “of whom” is a masculine relative pronoun (hou) and shows that Epiphanius thought Iounias was a man.
3. John Chrysostom (a.d. 347-407), in preaching on Romans 16:7, said in reference to
Junias, “Oh! how great is the devotion of this woman, that she should be even counted
worthy of the appellation of apostle!”1873
What we may learn from these three uses is that Junias was used as a woman’s name
in the time around the New Testament (Plutarch). The Church Fathers were evidently
divided as to whether Paul was using Junias that way, Epiphanius assuming it is
masculine, Chrysostom assuming it is feminine. Perhaps somewhat more weight may be
given to the statement by Epiphanius, since he appears to know more specific information about Junias (that he became bishop of Apameia), while Chrysostom gives no more information than what he could deduce from Romans 16:7).19
Perhaps more significant than either of these, however, is a Latin quotation from
Origen (died 252 a.d.), in the earliest extant commentary on Romans: He says that Paul refers to “Andronicus and Junias and Herodian, all of whom he calls relatives and fellow captives (Andronicus, et Junias, et Herodion, quos omnes et cognatos suos, et concaptivos appellat)” (Origen’s commentary on Romas, preserved in a Latin translation by Rufinus, c. 345-c.410 a.d., in J. P. Migne, Patrologia Graeca, vol. 14, col. 1289). The name Junias here is a Latin masculine singular nominative, implying-if this ancient translation is reliable-that Origin (who was one of the ancient world’s most proficient scholars) thought Junias was a man. Coupled with the quotation from Epiphanias, this quotation makes the weight of ancient evidence support this view.
Masculine names ending in -as are not unusual even in the New Testament: Andrew
(Andreas, Matthew 10:2), Elijah (Elias, Matthew 11:14), Isaiah (Esaias, John 1:23),
Zacharias (Luke 1:5). A. T. Robertson (Grammar of the Greek New Testament [New
York: Hodder and Stoughton, 1914], pp. 171-173) shows that numerous names ending in
-as are shortened forms for clearly masculine forms. The clearest example in the New
Testament is Silas (Acts 15:22) from Silvanus (1 Thessalonians 1:1; 1 Peter 5:12).
So there is no way to be dogmatic about what the form of the name signifies. It could
be feminine or it could be masculine. Certainly no one should claim that Junia was a
common woman’s name in the Greek speaking world, since there are only these three
known examples in all of ancient Greek literature. Moreover the fact that Andronicus and Junias, like Prisca and Aquila (16:3), are given as a pair does not demand that they be husband and wife, because in 16:12 two women are greeted as a pair: “Greet Tryphena and Tryphosa, those women who work hard in the Lord.” Andronicus and Junias could be addressed as two men, since Tryphena and Tryphosa are addressed as two women.
2. Was Junias an apostle? Possibly so, but this is not certain. Grammatically “of note among the apostles” could mean that the apostles held Andronicus and Junias in high regard. Thus they would not be themselves apostles. But this is unlikely because Paul himself is an apostle and would probably not refer to them in the third person. On the other hand, since Andronicus and Junias were Christians before Paul was, it may be that their longstanding ministry (reaching back before Paul’s) is precisely what Paul might have in mind when he says “of note among the apostles.” They may well have been known among the apostles before Paul was even converted. Here again we cannot be certain.
3. Did Junias have a very authoritative position in the early church? Probably not. The word apostle is used for servants of Christ at different levels of authority in the New Testament. Revelation 21:14 refers to “the twelve apostles of the Lamb” (cf. Matthew19:28; Acts 1:15-26). The twelve had a unique role in bearing witness to the resurrectionof Jesus. Paul counted himself among the privileged group by insisting on having seen and been called by the risen Christ (Galatians 1:1, 12; 1 Corinthians 9:1-2). Very closely related with this unique inner ring were the missionary partners of Paul, Barnabas (Acts14:14) and Silvanus and Timothy (1 Thessalonians 2:6), as well as James, the Lord’s brother (Galatians 1:19) and perhaps others (1 Corinthians 15:7).
Finally, the word apostle is used in a broad sense as “messenger,” for example, of
Epaphroditus in Philippians 2:25, and of several “messengers of the churches” in 2
Corinthians 8:23. Therefore, if Andronicus and Junias were apostles, they were probably 74 among the third group serving in some kind of itinerant ministry. If Junias is a woman,this would seem to put her in the same category with Priscilla, who with her husband seemed to do at least a little travelling with the Apostle Paul (Acts 18:18). The ministry would be significant but not necessarily in the category of an authoritative governor of the churches like Paul (2 Corinthians 10:8; 13:10).

(the above is taken from this article sorry it got chopped up like that)

What are my thoughts?
I agree that there is great lack of surety on this one person in the scripture. So, when there is a lack of clarity in the bible I can go to what is clear.
1) Every single Apostle (other than this one that may or may not be a woman) are men. I find that a strong statement.
2) Plenty of men in history have feminine gender names
Let's look at the name Junia:
Feminine gender of Lunius, derived from Roman goddess Juno
Origin and meaning of the name from the word "Junius" An original form of Junia is the Latin "Junius". The Roman name Junius could be from the Roman goddess Juno. The name Junia was borne by an early Christian mentioned by Paul in his Epistle to the Romans, who was described as an important person, the gender of the person is not clear. (reference here)
Note that the original for of Junia is the masculine "Junius".
3) Not a valid point in the proof this is a man, but still notable is the fact that men can have names given to them that are of the feminine gender. As the above article also states. We all know that girls are also given boy gender names as well.
4) It does not fit the biblical pattern, that being, that men are to be the leaders when it comes to authoritative leadership in the home and the church. If the only fray in the fabric of this pattern is possibly not a fray at all, then we should stick with the patterns strength.

My conclusion on women apostles: To come up with a theology you need to look at what is clear and not what is unclear. It is clear to me that every Apostle is a man. It is not clear that one is a woman. The weight is on the side of the allowance for men. I admit that the unclear allows for a possible hole (and even the fact that there is this hole is uncertain) in the structure of the argument. So, I go again to where there is clarity. That is in 1 Timothy 2. That is where it is supported. That is where I will be going next with this topic. There is no where in scripture where the uncertain issue of women apostles is supported. No where. If I'm wrong, I want to be shown.
This is how I draw my conclusion.

On a final side note: where are the women standing up for this issue? I am reading many women chatting about it and all the women in disagreement are biting their tongues. Now is not the time for timidity. It is probably a virtue that you are quiet but there is no need to be quiet when the Word of God is being stretched into another belief system. This is not about who has the better argument, this is about loving God with our minds by digging, finding, and then defending. Where are the women who will stand up for biblical womanhood and defend it?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Enjoying the World

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Taking a break from my heavy theme (which I will be coming back to much this week and further on if need be, at present I am praying, reading, talking with my husband and seeking...it's enjoyable but brain frying just the same) to share recent pictures and every day joys. We certainly live life on two different levels. We have the joys of seeking truths from God, sitting at His feet, and the healing balm of the every day and the smiles on our babies faces. The things that keep us busy and are like fresh breezes that revive. I think God knew with our feeble minds that hurt from stretching way out to find deep truths, we needed the respite of their simple beauty, and they are all gifts from Him.

Daddy was trying to get Superkid to pose for a picture of his lost tooth. He was in the bath at the time and playing around with faces for the camera. His teeth are so small, it's so hard to see the void. Actually, it's not much of a void since the new tooth is right there behind it. It just needs to come forward now.
Daddy helping Superkid get squeaky clean. I use to take so many cute baby bath pictures....now I have to be more discreet, but they are still so cute with wet heads and bubbles!

One of the best leftover transformations I've ever done and thought I'd share. In the Cupboard I have recipes for a Lentil Casserole and also a White Chicken. Now, I took the leftover white chicken (there was left over rice too, you could use that as well, but I didn't) which had remnants of that cream of mushroom and cream cheese sauce on it that is oh so yummy, and mixed it up with a half a can of cream of chicken soup and shredded Mexican cheese. This was the filling for what some people call "White Enchiladas". You just wrap it in four tortillas, and pour a green sauce over it. This sauce was actually a Verde salsa which I prefer over the Enchilada sauce because this has more tomatio's (sp?) in it. For the Left over Lentil Casserole, I just mixed in about half a cup or a more of salsa and re-baked it with the enchiladas. It gave it back some moisture and added spice. That and a salad made a great and different dinner from the other two when they were the main course.

Two little gents. Superkid and RW at a birthday party this past Sunday. Chatting over cake. They get along like a dream and absolutely love each other.
Lilo and two of her best buddies HW and SS. All the same age within months and have known each other their whole little lives.
Their buddy the birthday boy, also their age and also a friend from infancy. Lilo and this little guy are great playmates since she is not the Barbie/ Princess type. They always have a great time hangin out.

Shasta caught relaxing in Superkid's toy cubbies. Doesn't she look like a stuffed animal? It's a big improvement on the rat she and brother both resembled when we rescued them. They have been the best kittens. They get themselves into trouble at times, but what interesting being doesn't?:)
Princess and Johnny our neighbor and buddy coloring in the girls room. Their furniture is all in the middle of the room like an island so that I can prepare to get around to the walls to paint them. Still waiting for the funds to start that project. Simply after bath silly faces from Lilo. The girl's a ham, what can I say?

I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
E. B. White

For today...I'm relishing the enjoyment...I think I'll do it tomorrow too!:)

Thoughts On Truth

Sanctify them through thy truth:
thy word is truth. John 17:17

There is one sure and infallible guide to truth,
and therefore, one, and only one corrective for error,
and that is the Word of God.

G. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945)
English Bible expositor and pastor

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened. Author: Winston Churchill

Everyone wishes to have truth on his side, but not everyone wishes to be on the side of truth. Author: Richard Whately

It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) German poet, novelist and dramatist.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What Does Paul Mean In 1 Timothy 2?

It seems to me that the allowance of women teaching men is resting heavy on the proper understanding of 1 Timothy 2. I am on a mission to study this and find it's meaning.

Though I am about to paste the excerpt text of what is said on this by John Piper, I can say from listening to the whole sermon here, that there is a great deal more definition in that.

I will be leaving this blog up all week with a follow up blog coming from the actual sermon notes for those of you who don't get to listen. You are missing a lot without it.

I welcome comments and discussion.

For those of you not interested in all this reading and discussion, I apologize. The correct handle of the Word of God is one of my deepest passions and one I struggle with being polite on when it comes to it being misrepresented. I scare myself with the intensity of it. I'm sure Jesus seemed very disagreeable when he raged through the temple. Sometimes I feel that bubble in me. I'm praying though that God would be glorified by the way I handle this topic. I want His word to be heard for what it says.

I love how clear and understandable John Piper is in his teaching and his mastery of the common sense of scripture.

"Manhood, Womanhood, and the Freedom to Minister" by John Piper

1 Timothy 2:8-15
I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands without anger or quarreling; also that women should adorn themselves modestly and sensibly in seemly apparel, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly attire but by good deeds, as befits women who profess religion. Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet woman will be saved through bearing children, if she continues in faith and love and holiness, with modesty.
What we saw last week from Ephesians 5:32 was that marriage is a mystery. God gave it a meaning at the beginning of creation that was not fully revealed for a long time. But now it's made plain in the New Testament. And the mystery is this: marriage is an image or picture of Christ's relationship to his bride the church. A husband and a wife are meant by God to be living images of Christ and the church in relationship to each other.
Before Sin Ever Entered into the World
So when God created man and woman, he made us the way we are—with the differences of manhood and womanhood—so that we would be suited for these complementary roles (and for the other expressions of complementarity outside marriage). In this drama man was meant to play the role of Christ, and the woman was meant to play the role of his bride the church.
And we have stressed for five weeks now that these differences are not the result of sin. Sin didn't create manhood and womanhood. God did. And sin did not bring diversified, complementary roles into existence. God did. Before sin ever entered the world, God ordained and fitted Adam to be a loving, caring, strong leader for his wife Eve. And before sin entered the world, God ordained and fitted Eve to be a partner who supports and honors that leadership and helps carry it through. Both in the image of God. Both equal in their God-like personhood. But also different in their manhood and womanhood. The pattern was beautiful. They respected each other and served each other and complemented each other and enjoyed each other.
What Sin Ruined and Christ Recovered
What sin did was ruin this harmony. Sin made men abandon servant-leadership and become passive or harsh and insensitive and uncaring, or some other distortion of biblical headship. And sin distorted the woman's support and honor into manipulation or defiance or helplessness or some other distortion of true biblical submission.
So what Paul did in Ephesians 5 (as we saw last week) is call for a recovery of God's original idea. He doesn't abolish what God created at the beginning. He wants to get back to it: true biblical headship and true biblical submission. Here's the way we defined these two realities from our study last week:
Headship is the divine calling of a husband to take primary responsibility for Christ-like servant leadership, protection, and provision in the home.
Submission is the divine calling of a wife to honor and affirm her husband's leadership and help carry it through according to her gifts.
When a husband leads like Christ and a wife responds like the bride of Christ, there is a harmony and mutuality that is more beautiful and more satisfying and more fruitful than any pattern of marriage created by man. God loves his people and he loves his glory. And therefore when we follow his idea of marriage, we are most satisfied and he is most glorified.
The Real Test of Whether We've Grasped This
Now the real test I think of whether we have grasped the biblical essence of manhood and womanhood and affirm it as true and beautiful—the real test is whether Paul's application of it to the life of the church surprises and offends us or not. If the New Testament roles for man and woman in marriage are rooted not in sinful pride and not in cultural expectations, but in God's original design for creation, then how would you expect this original design to express itself in the life of the church? That's what we have before us today in 1 Timothy 2:11-14.
Let's seat ourselves before these unpopular verses and listen for a few minutes, and see if the story they tell is really as unattractive as so many think it is.
Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor.
I think what we need to do in order to understand the submissiveness in this text is patiently think through the meaning of "silence" ("Let a woman learn in silence") and the meaning of "teaching" ("I do not permit a woman to teach") and the meaning of "authority" ("or to have authority over men"). So let's take these one at time.
1. "Silence"
First, "silence." Verse 11: "Let a woman learn in silence." Notice that the word "silence" is used two other times in nearby verses.
The word for silence here (hesuchia) is used earlier in verse 2 of this chapter (hesuchion). But there it refers to the "quiet" life which all godly people should lead. "Pray . . . that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, godly and respectful in every way." This gives you the tone and the extent of the word. It doesn't refer to absolute silence: a "quiet" and peaceable life is not a life of total silence. It's a life untroubled and serene and content. So the silence doesn't seem to be total. It's more like what we would call "quietness."
You can see this especially at the end of verse 12. The same word is used again. But this time you can tell what Paul has in mind by its opposite. He says, "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over men, [literally:] but to be silent." "Not to have authority over men, but to be silent." In other words this quietness is the opposite of exercising authority over men. "Don't exercise authority over men, instead be silent."
So what sort of quietness does Paul have in mind? It's the kind of quietness that respects and honors the leadership of the men God has called to oversee the church. Verse 11 says that the quietness is "in all submissiveness," and verse 12 says the quietness is the opposite of "authority over men," and so the point is not whether a woman says nothing, but whether she is submissive and whether she supports the authority of the men God has called to oversee the church. Quietness means not speaking in a way that compromises that authority.
We'll come back in a minute and be more specific about just what this submission is.
2. "Teaching"
The second thing we need to look at is the reference to teaching in verse 12. How extensive is Paul's prohibition when he says, "I permit no woman to teach"?
To answer this, one thing we can do is look at other places where Paul and others talk about women teaching. For example in Titus 2:3 he says that the older women are to teach the younger women (at the end of the verse): "they are to teach what is good, and so train the younger women to love their husbands and children."
Another example is 2 Timothy 3:14 where Paul tells Timothy to remember from whom he learned the Scriptures. And the persons he has in mind (we can tell from 2 Timothy 1:5) are Eunice and Lois, Timothy's mother and grandmother. (His father was not a believer or even a Jew, Acts 16:3.)
One other example is Priscilla. It says in Acts 18:26, "When Priscilla and Aquila heard Apollos, they took him and expounded to him the way of God more accurately."
So, it's not likely that Paul is saying in 1 Timothy 2:12 that every kind of teaching is forbidden to women. There are examples of them teaching younger women, teaching children, and in some way teaming up with their husbands to give private instruction when someone is confused or uninformed like Apollos. Those are just some examples. Is it possible to generalize, then, about what Paul does have in mind here when he says, "I do not permit a woman to teach"? I think the safest thing to do is let the next phrase guide us. The next phrase is, " . . . or exercise authority over men." "I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over men."
Instead of letting the word "teach" mean anything we want it to mean or think it might mean, it's safer to say, it probably means a kind of teaching that somehow relates to authority. Teach and exercise authority go together. So at least one general thing we can say about women teaching is that Paul forbids it when it is part of the exercise of authority over men.
That leads us to the third question, namely, what is this "authority" referred to in verse 12?
3. "Authority"
The key that unlocks this door is a very interesting observation. When you read the rest of 1 Timothy about the role of elders in the church, what you find is that the elders had two basic responsibilities: they were to govern and they were to teach. You can see this in the qualifications of 3:1-7, but the easiest place to see it is in 5:17, "Let the elders who rule [or govern] well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching."
Elders rule or govern, and elders teach or preach. Back in Acts 20:28, you may recall, the elders in the church at Ephesus were called by the Holy Spirit and made "overseers" and charged with "pasturing" or feeding the flock, that is, teaching the whole counsel of God.
I don't think it's coincidental that what Paul says in 1 Timothy 2:12 is that he does not permit a woman to teach and exercise authority over men. He is saying in essence: I do not permit women to fill the office of elder in the church. The elders are charged with the leadership and instruction of the church. That's a summary of their job. So when Paul puts those two things together and says, "I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority," the most natural sense is, "I do not permit a woman to assume the office of elder in the church."
So the authority Paul has in mind in 1 Timothy 2:12 is the authority of elders. And what is that supposed to look like? Well we saw already from Jesus in Luke 22:26 what it's supposed to look like: "Let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves." Paul said in 2 Corinthians 10:8 and 13:10 that God gave him authority in the church not for tearing down or destroying but for building up. And Peter said to the elders of the churches (1 Peter 5:3), "Do not domineer over those in your charge, but be examples to the flock."
In other words, elder-authority is servant-authority. Elder-leadership is servant-leadership. That's why teaching is at the heart of this calling. Elder-authority leads by persuasion—by teaching—not by coercion or political maneuvering. Elder-authority is always subordinate to biblical texts. It can always be called to account by Scripture. Therefore teaching is the primary instrument of leadership in the church.
Defining Authority and Submission
I think it would be helpful to step back here and try to do for the concepts of authority and submission in the church what we did for the concepts of headship and submission in the home, namely, give a crisp definition of each.
"Authority" refers to the divine calling of spiritual, gifted men to take primary responsibility as elders for Christ-like servant-leadership and teaching in the church.
"Submission" refers to the divine calling of the rest of the church, both men and women, to honor and affirm the leadership of the elders and to be equipped by it for the hundreds and hundreds of various ministries available to men and women in the service of Christ.
And that last point is very important. For men and women who have a heart to minister—to save souls and heal broken lives and resist evil and meet needs—there are fields of opportunity that are simply endless. God intends for the entire church to be mobilized in ministry, male and female. Nobody is to be at home watching soaps and reruns while the world burns. And God intends to equip and mobilize the saints through a company of spiritual men who take primary responsibility for leadership and teaching in the church.
Closing Appeal
There are many voices today who claim to know a better way to equip and mobilize the men and women of the church for ministry. But I commend to you this morning with all my heart the plain meaning of these verses:
That manhood and womanhood mesh better in ministry when men take primary responsibility for leadership and teaching in the church.
That manhood and womanhood are better preserved and better nurtured and more fulfilled and more fruitful in this church order than in any other.
I commend this to you for your belief and for your behavior, because
this is the way the Scriptures teach us to order the church,
and God inspired the Scriptures,
and God is good.
My hope next Sunday, in the last of this series, is to pick up verses 13 and 14, and then paint the big picture of what it means to be man and woman in all of life.

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My Baby Grows UP!

My last baby lost his first tooth today! It's a double blessing hurray because his permanent one had all ready come in behind it and we were getting ready to look into a pulling job. Eeeek. No fun. Just the very week we were looking into setting up the appointment that little thing got loosening!
He came home from kindergarten showing me it hangin on by a thread. Later, when drinking milk it just fell right out. Thank goodness he did not drink it!
I hope to have a picture to add here soon.
It's a joyful pain for your last baby to be growing up. Sniff, sniff.

Piper On Women in Church Leadership and Apostles

I know, I know, I just can't stop.
This is great, but listen here to hear his whole talk.
Also, you can go here to learn more about 1 Timothy 2 and it's importance.

Should women become pastors?
The Bible draws a connection between the home and the church. Just as there is a role distinction at home—where the husband is called to lead the family—there is also one at church.
At home men are proving their fitness to be elders (pastors), and at church they are the ones who are given that role. Paul says explicitly, "I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man" (1 Timothy 2:12). And those two functions—teaching and exercising authority—are the functions of the elder.
It's not a problem for a woman to minister in hundreds of ways in the church, but the office of leadership and teaching of men is preserved for spiritual and godly men.
Why didn't Jesus choose women as some of his apostles?
The Twelve are all men. That was intentional, because they are all given incredible authority to found the church. They are like pastors, only they have more authority than pastors.
But Jesus did call women, and he called them into significant ministry. Read the beginning of Luke 8 or see the role of women at the Resurrection. Jesus broke significant taboos in the way that he elevated the role of women. It was counter-cultural to have Mary sitting at his feet learning like a rabbinic student at the feet of his teacher. And it was counter-cultural for him to have women so closely attending him, providing for his needs, and for him to be so merciful to the women of the street.
Jesus was pro-woman to the max. But he did not choose women to be apostles. That wasn't because he was enslaved to his times. It was because, in coherence with the rest of the Bible (Genesis 1-2, Ephesians 5, 1 Corinthians 11, and 1 Timothy 2), he believed that it would be healthy for the church and the family if men assumed the role of Christ-like, humble, caring, servant-leaders, and if the women came in alongside with their respective gifts to help carry his leadership through according to those gifts.
So I sympathize with any confusion on this matter, and I pray that the Lord would give you light to see that it's really not very complicated: God has ordained that in the home and in the church men assume a special role of responsible leadership and teaching.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Sick Day Not Taken

Friday, September 18 2008

Well, that's really any sick day in the life of a mom isn't it!? I have been fighting a cold for five days and when I thought it was getting better, it took a dive into worse yesterday. Today it's dreadful. I'm sitting on my bed, next to my tissue box and Rick is bringing me thera-flu. I pushed myself to live a normal day today and am wondering if it was wise.

Why am I writing about this? Well, because lately I've been thinking about what I started blogging for in the first place, to journal my life day by day. Somewhere in there and after years of being on the web, I have had to be more careful what I write about. When your family and many strangers are reading your life, you start to wonder what you can say, and what you can't. Yet, it's not what I wanted to blog to be. I do want to do the fun things, the deep thoughts, the testimonies of what God is doing in our lives. Yet, I'm missing the every day mumbo jumbo blogs. So, today is just about today.

Rick and I went to Back to School night last night, and my mom came too! It was great. It was fun for the kids to let Nana see their rooms, desks, and meet their teacher. My mom had not been to the campus since I was there in Jr. High! Since there are many of the same people there on the faculty, she knew who a good handful were. Just older and chubbier! :) Aren't we all. Except someone who's name starts with K....you know who you are!:)LOL

Anyway, this morning Rick and I went to kindergarten together! He has a three day weekend so he came to see the kids play before school, line up, and receive the first hour of lessons in the classroom. Then he went home to mow, and I stayed to oversee six little kindergartners do their packets.

I have to say, I am so thankful for Superkid's knack at seat work. He is not much of a loud participant in the group discussion or questions, but he can do those papers spot on. They have these little packets each day. It took many of the kids a very long time to do them and many, many moments of intervention on my part. Though my son was in the group I had, he was the only one who did not need an ounce of assistance as to what to do on the work. He only wined about the page that has him practice his name six times. Sorry buddy, I gave you a pickin' long name.

I love when I get to be at the school. I don't want to go every day, but one day a week is a blast for me. It's so fun to get to know the kids and it's refreshing to be in a large group of ones in one age group. I'm use to working with my three on three different levels in homeschooling, so a room full of kindergartners is precious, and Lilo's second grade class is the same. I look forward to getting to be in Princess' class starting next month.

After kindergarten, Rick picked us up. I walked out behind the line of students and it felt strange to be on the other side of the fence with all the parents anxiously waiting our arrival for pick up. It was fun too though. Rick said "hi kids! how was school?" Silly guy.

From there the three of us headed to McDonald's for the special treat of a happy meal for Superkid. The occasion was the issue of Batman Lego's as the toy. There were not actually Lego's so he was a little disappointed for a few seconds. But the toys were pretty cool.

Costco was next for some bulk cheese, yogurt, granola bars, eggs....you know, the stuff worth going for.

Then we came back north and picked up our Jetta that had been in the shop AGAIN. All last week I walked the kids back and forth to school. My neighbor was kind enough to pick the girls up in the afternoon to save me a third walk at the hottest time of the day. I got a lot of walking in though! So, now we have the car even though it had to have some big mula stuff done. We are very thankful for our little car.

Daddy and Superkid headed home and I headed to pick up the girls. We stopped for our friday usual cookie at the bank. We have one bank in our town and it's the one we use, so we stop in every Friday so the kids can get a cookie. One of the mom's there has a daughter in Victoria's class so it's a fun small town feel. Well, it is a small town.

I finally got a nap when we got home. I was so sick by this point. The nap was interrupted many times by the kids horsing around or squabbling or at my door about to come in and Rick saying "don't go in there, your mommy's sleeping" followed by my mental response "no, I'm not actually". I gave up when I started to hear the deep hum of pirates singing and new that "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End" was on. So, I pulled myself back up and went to the kitchen.

Tonight was supposed to be movie pizza night. I made the cheeseburger pizza we loved last movie night and some popcorn with butter, garlic Italian seasoning and Parmesan. Then threw some veggies and dip together and presented it all on our big coffee table. We turned off Pirates and watched what was supposed to be the pic for movie night, "Lady and the Tramp". The kids got half way through and wanted go outside to play since it was cooled off outside.

They played out till dark and I sat out there with hot tea in hand watching them. Rick and Superkid played flying batman McDonald toys, Lilo played hopscotch and jump rope sometimes simultaneously, and Princess "played" and chatted with her neighborhood friend Jessica.

It was a good simple evening but I was anxious to come in and crash.

So, here I am crashed and ready for days end. I'm supposed to get up and make a big pancake breakfast since Rick is off on a Saturday which only happens once every six weeks since his days off rotate. I'm looking forward more to the sleeping in that comes before the cooking. Hopefully.