Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Visit My Friend Karen To Hear Her Story of Ike

My friend Karen use to own my house. She and I went to Jr. High together at the school my kids go to now. She has ended up in TX. I was amazed to read her story of the surviving of Ike. You have to go there to read her account. Go to Love The Monkey Life, and remember to scroll down since blogs read from most recent to past entries.

My friend Amy also lives in TX and wrote about Ike. She was brave enough to step out and feel it!

Honestly ladies...I'll take my shakin'-quakin' california any day.

I'm thankful God protected them.

Pray for those still in need from the storm.

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Karen said...

Yanno, Alicia, I think I prefer earthquakes too. Honestly, either situation could wreak the havoc that we are going thru (severely damaged house) and both of 'em you have to clean up after, but the drama leading up to a hurricane I could do without and the length of the hurricane I could pass on too. It was HOURS waiting for the scary devastation of the storm to pass. I'll take BAM/SHAKE/DONE any day!