Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Those Who Govern Are Established By God

Our pastor was brave enough to address the biblical issues on the table with the upcoming election (click here to hear "A Chritian Perspective On Political Envolvement"). Another great sermon.

Something wonderful that was applicable to our lives now and worthy of teaching our children was Romans 13:1-7.

The first verse is the most important to the times I think:

"Every person is to be in subjection tot his governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God."

It is a verse that revolutionizes our stress levels when it comes to politics, stretches our faith in God, and changes our attitudes toward those appointed with whom we disagree. Of course the application is obvious in regard to the coming Presidential outcome. Even NoBama....ur...I mean, Obama if elected will be there because God established him to be. Not that he is a mistake and God will have to work with it, God will have appointed him. Another post could be written on the purposes God may have for the challenge of such a man in office. Not today though.

What really was impressed upon us was that we have an obligation to live out this faith to our children. We should speak boldly to them about the issues where they are right and where they are wrong, but we need to maintain a joyful attitude of respect and honor of the man once he's there, no mater who he is. For according to this verse, there is no authority figure not appointed by him. To resist the authority would be to go against God. Unless the authority asks of us to go against God as the men in Paul's time did in telling him not to preach. He of course did not obey. The verses go on to say that these men are not a cause of fear for those who do good, but to control those who do not. So, we respect them as a minister of God for our good (vs. 4)

Princess had a substitute teacher a week ago that was not good with the kids. Princess has loved going to school so far, but the second day that she knew this substitute would be there, she was playing the sick card. I am, along with other mom's, making an official complaint because of some of the ways this woman dealt with the children ..

(oh, my word, Superkid just brushed his teeth with DESITIN!!!!! LOL! I didn't even know we had any of that anymore....oh dear!! Rick is going to brush them over again and hopefully fix the problem...eeek)

.. and her impatience with them. However, she was really getting verbally disrespectful in her critique of this woman and Rick and I had to remind her to be respectful even if things were not going well. We reminded her that the bible tells us to respect authority because it was from Him. We were not sure where the passage was till pastor preached. So, this has really given us more to work with. It's a hard lesson to learn that you have to show respect for the position. If you are doing what you are supposed to, then you don't need to worry. Only worry if you are not. We explained to her that even that teacher had been appointed by God to be her authority for those days and she needed to honor that.

The next few years, depending on how the vote goes, may be a time when our children have to see our faith lived out and our trust in God above men revealed. It will be challenging, and there may be deeper conversations around the dinner table, but it will be important for them to see us hope in the Lord above all, and to trust that what He says in Romans 13 is true. Whether its Nobama or a cranky substitute teacher.

Afterthought: You know whats a great thought to relish? If Romans 13 is true, even an ungodly man in authority will be fulfilling the very purposes of God without knowledge of his particiation. Ooooo... I just love that thought!


Barbara said...

First, on the light side, when my brother was a toddler, my dad once brushed his teeth with Desitin by mistake. Of course, it didn't take him long to discover his mistake, LOL.

On the heavier side, God gives us the government we deserve. Sometimes his purpose can be judgment. I pray God will have mercy on us and forbear a bit longer. I hope this won't be our last free election.

tricia said...

The only way that I can have peace with all that is going in this election is to trust God. God has used many rulers, who did not know him, to do His bidding. God may be giving us what our society deserves. I do not know what will happen. I do know that whatever happens is God's perfect plan that leads to His glory.

I like what Barbara said about praying for mercy and forbear a bit longer. I think I will start praying that too. I think it is very important to pray for our country and our government.

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

This is a good word, Alicia. If this whole thing plays out the way it appears, then we as the people of God will be challenged as you say, respect the man that God has allowed to hold the office of the Presidency. I have been fairly vocal of my opposition to Mr. Obama so I admit this will indeed be a challenge for me!

And if the majority of the voters decide that socialism is the wave of America's future, we must continue to honor God even in the midst of it.