Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Relenting To Some Blog Themes

I'm not one for being tied to a theme. Anyone reading here knows my thoughts are random and vary from theme to theme, tangent to mundane. That's how I like to write. Still, there seem to be some worth taking up. Especially since two are my own creation which is is how I'd rather do it anyway. Originality is my motto.

I've all ready told you that Saturday will be "Seek the Lord in schooling". A time to share praise, prayer or stories of how school is going in any realm God has us.

I'm taking up the "My Husband Rocks Friday" because I keep thinking of things I love about Rick that he deserves credit for and I think the more we muse about our own studs, the more studly they become to us.

The only other one right now is another original from me. "Mother of Invention Monday".

Times being what they are, and God desiring to be glorified in our pocketbooks, I hope we can learn more and more to use what we have and find joy in that as well as contentment. So, Monday will be a day I come to share how I used something I had instead of buying it, or a new food combo we came up with, a new deal for something we would buy anyway, a activity for the children using what we have etc.... I am hoping that you can come and share yours too. Start thinking of how you can become more resourceful and share your ideas. (Does anyone know how to do that back link to you blog thing? Jessica? Are you out there?)

I won't be starting today, just announcing it. I have a sick 5th grader home and lots of housework to do!

Be thinking, be praying how you can use your creativity to save. Keep up with what you have and relish the contentment of simplicity! The theme is of course coming from the saying "Necessity is the mother of invention".
If you would like to join me in this you can copy this onto your blog:

In the meantime I'll figure out how to back link so we can start this up more officially. :)


tricia said...

Great Idea, Alicia.

I see if I can come up with anything.

Kristen Borland said...

oh, i like these themes! i might have to use them some. let you know about the whole linking back thing.

thinking about you right now as i listen to my new cd (i exchanged the one you gave me because i already have it, so i got a trace adkins--i have nothing of his. it's one of those "listen to when the kids aren't around" cds. ;) ). thanks again! so fun to have a new cd!

Christina said...

You could use a Mr. Linky widget. If you look at the bottom of anyone else who's done these it should take you to their site. If not, you could google it and I'm sure you'd find it.

Gombojav Tribe said...

MisterLinky is really easy. Try that to keep track of who has participated. They can just come to the post and link up themselves. Super easy!