Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John Adams: A Thought Provoking and Educational Flick

Rick's birthday was coming up this time two weeks ago. I had a budget to spend and was wanting to make every dollar count for something he would really want and not expect. I considered the Indiana Jones movies on DVD in a set because that's something he's mentioned wanting to get someday. Then, I decided that for now, we could continue to get them from the library and save the money. He would not watch them that often anyway. Then, I considered new Levi jeans but my mom gave him some money so he could do that. So, I was at Costco and decided to browse the books and movies for a possible find. I landed on a new DVD set put out by HBO (which I was leery of really) called "John Adams". He had mentioned before that he really wanted to see it and I figured if it was good, it would be a good resource to have for the family and therefore, worth the money now and later. I resigned myself to the fact that it would be a huge bore for me and I'd fall asleep while he rubbed my head enjoying his historical hiatus. I was so wrong.
This movie is both thought provoking, entertaining, and very well acted. I was amazed. It is not about the war, as I thought it might be (and I had a history of being subject to watching all the war movies my dad would rent and have long sense grown bored with them) but more about the politics and lives of the people in the times. Oh, and the amazing sacrifice of those who knew they had to do something for America to have her liberty.
The movie was also a fresh and new look at the history of events. Some aspects I had never considered. It was like a different story in many respects. It was clean except for one scene when John and Abigail show their love as husband and wife after being apart for years. Even that was mild and modest compared to the stuff put out now days. It was about a minute long and not appropriate for children or young adults in my mind.
History seems to have forgotten this great man and the struggles he had to be understood and firm in his convictions despite his social unpopularity. It made me sorry I had not taken notice of him before.
Check it out, it's well worth your time.

This ending scene was my favorite part of the whole movie. It does not spoil the rest don't worry.:)


Judy said...

Hi A,
I received the first two disks from Netflix today! via your recommendation!! Will have to wait for the weekend to watch, but so looking forward to it. Didn't watch the youtubes. Just can't. I want to be surprised.
Thanks, J

Alicia said...

:) I'm tickled by your excitement. It's so fun to have something fun to lookforward to watching together. Especially if your like us a you are selective and don't watch a whole lot. Boy, I hope you like it or I'm in trouble! :)

julie said...

been wanting to see this!

Claire said...

Okay, I'm convinced I want to see it. I was thinking it would be boring, but it looks really neat. Maybe I'll watch it with the kids (and edit the marital bed scene). :)

tricia said...

i will have to watch the movie.