Monday, October 27, 2008

Mothers Of Invention Monday: Trash to Trendy

I was talking with Lilo's teacher after school and her daughter came in bearing a gift for her mother. It was one of the coolest things I've seen. It was a crochet bag made of old plastic grocery bags. I was intrigued. I found the pattern as well as some links for making things from recycled items. Have fun browsing!
Recycled Bags Crochet Handbag
Recycled Grocery Bags Shoulder Bag
Recycled Grocery Bags Purse

There are many more fun ideas where these came from at "My Recycled Bags"

For more ideas to use your recycled stuff try:
Make Stuff/Recycled

a "what I can do with ...." format

If you have a fun Invention for Monday (remember, anything from leftoevers to gifts, to date nights... you name it) link your post here:


julie said...

love it!
reduce, reuse, recycle.....repeat!

tricia said...

i don't think i am that crafty. i think my sil, Julie, could make those things. And she was already here.