Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. Loveable

I know second blog today.... had to.

Tonight we were at the dinner table. Lilo did something out of her element..she did some drama. I teased her that she was not the one famous for drama, to which Princess replied "That would be me!". We were all amused and began going around the table identifying each other. "Lilo is comedic", I said (to which she replied "what is comedic?" "It means your funny" I clarified. She smiled with satisfaction). Daddy is....."obliging" (of course they all wanted to know what that meant and I explained that he is always willing to help us out). Superkid knew he was next and got the jump...
"I'm lovable", he said.
We laughed, and mommy heartily agreed.

Mr. Lovable started reading yesterday, we are very proud of him. His teacher at school said to me "you just tell him what to do and he does it!". I made sure to give him big kisses and let him know how proud we are of his progress and how proud his teacher is of him. For the little guy who was the only one not excited about public school (because he thought being home meant playing Lego's all day), now he is starting to pray "and help us have a good day at school tomorrow".
My heart swells.
More kisses follow.
"I love you mommy"
"I love you to Superkid"
"Goodnight baby"
My heart swells some more as I walk away.
"I'll see you in the morning!"
"You betcha buddy!"


Zimms Zoo said...

How super sweet. Thanks for a reminder to praise our children.

tricia said...

Is it wonderful how children light up with praise. I have a hard time remembering this some days. I love the things that come out of their month sometimes.;)