Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks Because He's Passionate About Politics

Though this sometimes drives me nuts when he's yellin' at the TV or the radio during debates, he is very, very passionate about the issues of the nation. He makes up for my out-of-it-ness on the issues. Though, I have to say, this election I'm pumpin' it up.
Rick is a major Rush fan. I appreciate this because I use to be. Now I can't stand to listen to him after life kid drama. So, he gets his fix while he's sorting all yawl's mail in the morning. If he could listen to political radio all day, he would.
It's very unlike him the rest of the time. He is non-confrontational in every way, and I mean EVERY. The kids have to get him really cranky before he raises his voice one notch. But, in politics he is all about voicing himself. Sometimes I wonder if he will do more with this passion. We'll see.
So, Rick, though I hound you for calming down sometimes....I'm thankful you are a strong conservative man and have a heart for standing up for whats right in America.

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