Thursday, October 16, 2008

Setting Out On Some Tough Journeys

Like I said, our pastor taught an amazing sermon on debt. I hope to blog about it soon, but not here. Actually, SFE will be slowing down a bit as I will be focusing on some goals my husband and I are convicted to make.
Thus the birth of two new blogs:
A Slave No Longer - is where we will begin to map out our journey to be debt free. I'm not sure exactly how it will play out, but I plan to be honest and tell it how it really is. We will talk about budgets and goals, things we are giving up, and things we are working through. Posts will average one a week. It's mostly public to keep us accountable to stay focused but if others can be encouraged too, then so be it! You are welcome to cheer us on at any point too....we will need it I'm sure.

Good, Better, Best- My very own journey to finishing off some major health goals. Accountability groups are not working for me. I am going to focus on doing all for the glory of God in these areas of my life: eating, get going, resting, positive body intake, and time management control.

Of course, focusing on these will make my time here slow down. In fact, I am going to be scheduling when I blog or read blogs in that effort for time management. So you are welcome to follow any little avenue I'm in on that day. On that note "What's the Deal?" is no more I'm sorry to say. Two reasons (1) my couponing has slowed down as I'm going even more hard core into staples of beans, rice, tuna, and sale meats etc. and (2) the bit I do do will take all my time so I won't have time to share. I do hope you will continue to visit Money Saving Mom always linked on my side bar for all the homework you need.

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John Marc Wiemann said...

Way to go Rick and Alicia!! Look forward to reading and hearing about your progress in becoming debt free! Praise the Lord that "A Better Way" of living was embraced by many on Sunday morning. I am excited about the difference it will make in our families and our church family.