Wednesday, October 8, 2008

National Walk To School Day

Today was our school's first year of participating in National Walk To School Day.
Good thing we've gotten use to rising early and pulling ourselves together because we were out the door at 7:30 am to walk over to the meeting sight where Princess teacher was manning a hot coco station and a starting point for the walk. They had many more kids participate than they expected. It was amazing. I think most of the town came out.
The kids were all treated to a pancake breakfast upon arrival at school and were also all excused for a late start in class, since it took so long to walk and then eat. I hung out to help cut pancakes and then see that mine made it into class okay.
Rick and I had just decided that to save a little more, I will be walking them to and from school every day. The only exception is when it's over 90* (which it still is, believe it or not), then I go pick them up after school.
The walks have been good for us all. This week I have come home and "treaded the mill" for 45 min as well. I'm feeling better all ready though a little extra tired this week from the adjustment.
The kids have all increased their activity levels by being in school. This has been a major bonus. They get more than they were at home, and getting up and out in the morning gets me going too.
From participating in the walk and then walking a lap at recess, they each got a special bag with nutrition information (not exciting to them, but helpful), a new jump rope (yeah!) and a tiny beach ball. I got a bag for being there with them this morning and in it there was a Latino recipe book (not two guesses why they handed that out!). I was totally stoked, because it's all food that's healthy, and that I can afford! Weee!
Superkid was so tired when I picked him up from school though, I thought the early morning had done him in. Turns out he has a fever. He's resting now, and may be home tomorrow.


tricia said...

I am sorry Superkid is not feeling well. Hr heard your music as she walked through the room and said she liked it.

Amy B said...

This looks like so much fun! And Hot coco to start with - it doesn't get much better than that, does it! So glad you guys are happy!