Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seek The Lord In Schooling Saturday: Relationships

Well, here we go, my first post in this department. I hope some of you others will take up the theme too so we can share and pray for one another.
Again, "Seek The Lord In Schooling" is for every mom with kids in every arena of schooling. It is a time to share praises and to share concerns. Or perhaps just what the Lord is laying on your heart in regard to your kids education and schooling. It's for the homeschool mom and the public school mom and everything in between.
My burden this week is a regaining of diligence so that I can spend some more time talking to Princess. This last week was hairy to say the least. I need to learn better how to structure my time. We did way too much this week. We did not get to have our share at the table time as much because of these events. I realize how special that time is and how we need it. So, this next week, my prayer is that I will be diligent at home to have complete freedom to just relate to my kids more.
People think if you kids go to school, you have all this time. Well, you do, but life always has something for you. This week, I had one home sick, a baby needed watching by a friend who needed sleep, another friend in the hospital, playdates and an outing as a family, lots of baking, and a full day of deal shopping for groceries and Rick's birthday. Needless to say, the house has needed my attention when the kids were home. That is what we don't want. Our burden when putting them in school was for me to wear the housewife hat and do it well, so that the minute I pick them up, my mommy hat is on. I am not supposed to do housework during kid time. The only exception we allow is dinner making and clean up. It's amazing how much they really are home! Especially with a holiday this week, and one home sick. That gave me three days of school, which equals 18 hours. Six of which I ran errands, four of which I watched a sweet baby (and realized how much I suck now at good I use to be at that!), and that leaves eight hours and at least half of that I did baking. Not as much time as one might think.
So, I am praying for discipline and wisdom to know what to say not to for myself and our family. I am praying for perseverance for the everyday to have that haven my family loves to come home to. I'm praying for opportunities to be mommy this week and relate to my precious children and in that, disciple them for the Lord. My I seek him this week all the more. I'll report how it went next week.
What are your thoughts regarding schooling and your kids this week? How are you seeking the Lord for them and your family ? Do you have specific prayer needs? Do you have triumphs you just want to thank him for? Do you have something that worked great for your family? If you don't have kids in school, remember you are schooling them every day in every way so that does not exclude you. What are your thoughts regarding their learning and even their training in the Lord? What things are you starting to notice about they way they learn? What is the Lord showing you? What are you delighting in?
Share, share, share!
And remember, always seek the Lord for their schooling...HE is faithful to direct and it will lead to your delight!
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tricia said...


I will pray for you. Thank you for sharing your desire to seek the Lord and spend time with your kids.

I copied and pasted your seeking the Lord in Schooling. I had just finished posting about my crazy week with school and then I read your post. So I went back and add the code to my post.

Tell Rick Happy Birthday!

Now, I need to leave blogland and clean my kitchen.

tricia said...

it is me again.

i came back to link to your post. i look forward to reading what other people have to say.

now, i am really going to go clean my kitchen.

Gwen Stewart said...

Hi Alicia,

Thank you for inviting me to your blog post "Schooling Saturday". I have a need to spend more intentional time with my son. He goes to a lot of sporting events with my husband, and so my daughter and I spend time together. It's wonderful, but I miss that time with my son too.

He's doing well in middle school, for which I'm so thankful. But sometimes when your kids are doing well, you need to be even more intentional in prayer.

Another burden I have is for a student named Michael, withdrawn and non-participatory in almost all school activities. :( Would you all please keep him in prayer? Alicia, would it be okay for me to request prayers from your blog readers for students in need?

Thanks again. God bless you today.

Amy Wright said...

Hi Alicia!

Thanks for visiting & linking to my blog! I really want to write more about our experiences in public school - you are an encouragement! But, your thoughts about not actually having that much time TOTALLY resonate with me! I look forward to journeying with you...

Alicia said...

Thanks for participating! Glad you and I okies figured out the whole link thing!:)

Thanks so much for sharing. And, yes, definately share any prayer needs! That is what we need to do more, lift up kids of our own or those we influence. Thank you.

Thank you for commenting! I thought your last post was so to the point! I may refer to it soon because it was just so poignant.

Karen said...

I struggle with having all of my housewife duties done when the big ones get home are SOOO not alone. Some days I get them on the bus and it seems like two minutes later they are back home and what-did-I-actually-accomplish-today???? I also struggle with patience, especially lately with all of the turmoil we've been thru, it seems to be so thin and I feel terrible when our home isn't a positive haven.

Alicia said...

be encouraged, a hurricane does not hit often (we hope!). you are your family have been through so much!
I will pray for you this week for your concern.:)

m.e. said...

Thanks so much for sharing your heart. It is so encouraging to read your transparent thoughts and your family-centered desires. This is such a great idea! Thanks for letting me know about your public school posts...where do I find that?

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

I'm a little late to the table, but I certainly appreciate the invite and look frward to joining in as opportunity permits.

I totally agree with you. The assumption that we have all this free time is a myth. Those 6 hours go by like a flash! And of course, I do have my two little ones underfoot all day as well.

Again, thanks for the invite. I should, by way of full disclosure, tell you that as my children have entered the upper grades I am becoming rather disillusioned with public school. I still have high hopes for my kids and believe they'll do fine, but its despite their school experience and in large part dependent upon the level of commitment and diligence that my husband and I put forth at home. I hope it's okay that I may express a little frustration at times. The atmosphere on high school campuses or at high school football games doesn't do much to inspire confidence.

I love this idea and look forward to participating. I just want the freedom to be honest about the good (there is some) but also the not-so-good.

Alicia said...

Lynn you seem to be signed in as Matt Elliot..not sure who ya are or if you're "home life"'s Lynn...but either way...
What exactly are you looking for when you say "public school posts"? Want to help, but not sure what you meant. sorry!:)

So excited you came by! YES! That is EXACTLY what this is supposed to be! A share, prayer, and prise session! More than anything, a seeking of the Lord for our children when it comes to their schooling, things that effect their lives at home because of what kind of schooling they do, joys and growth, challenges...all of it.
I'm excited that you asked these questions. Homeschooling NEVER looks perfect...I know, I did it for five years! There are struggles there and joys. Public School NEVER looks perfect...there are stuggles and joys there too.
All things God brings to us have one BIG and JOYFUL purpose: to grow our FAITH! Whether our children are on one path or the other, when we seek HIM, HIS will, we don't have to be afriad either way! HE is orchestrating, we just want to share how we are seeking HIM.
I'd love for you to take part when you can.
I've loved a lot of your writing and highly recommend your blog.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I was looking at your blog at my friend Kelli's house...didn't realize her husband was signed in! Sorry! On my blog the other day, you left me a comment saying that you were posting some new things about you remember that? Sorry for the confusion!

Civilla said...

My younger son is in college nearby. He comes home every weekend, and on holidays. He recently brought home his roommate for fall break, and while we loved having a guest, we noticed that we visited with our son almost not at all. This also happened with our older son, who, when he was in the same college, used to bring home guests constantly. I think we are going to have fewer guests from now on, or less often, anyway, so that we can visit with our family. I feel bad, but I think it is necessary.
It is important that college kids come home, if they go to school nearby. It helps them adjust to this big change in their lives.