Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Summer Music All On One CD

Those who know me know I love music. I have been very excited as a neighbor of mine has been convicted to come back to the Lord after many years. Their whole family has been, and it's an answer to many prayers. In her excitement, she went out and bought some music. She shared the album with me and I was amazed. I enjoyed Natalie Grant's last album but don't play it often because there are only a few songs on it that really get me. Not this one! "Relentless" is full of amazing music and lyrics. Way to go Natalie! It's honest, it's real, it's very God focused, I love it!
So, as I go out to paint my house today I'll be playin this nice and loud. I wanted to put some of the songs here to share with you so you can get a taste of the good stuff. The words are there too.
"Perfect People"

"I Will Not Be Moved"

"Make It Matter"

"So Long"

Lastly this song has really spoken to me with the pain of loosing dad, and the many seemingly increasing pains the world seems to be experiencing. I don't now if it's that I'm getting older and am more aware of how deep sorrow is, or if thing are increasingly getting tough. Either way, this song speaks of our hope in Christ. I recently witnessed to my neighbor and he did not understand what I meant by hope. He said that either we believed we were saved and heaven was secure for us or it wasn't... why use the word hope? Do you have to keep praying to make these things come true? I explained to him that it is called hope because we have not seen the fulfillment of our promise from Christ. We do not hope that sin is abolished, that as Christ said "Is Finished" through His obedient death on the cross and His resurrection. "Our Hope" is what is set before us, the joy set before us. For that joy, the hope of that joy, we can indeed endure.
The song has a lot of Jesus imagery. I usually shy away from that (I'm not sure why, it's a little Baptist for me, and even from childhood I've never been comfortable with lot's of images of christ. I always seemed to know that we don't know what he looks like and I prefered the image on my heart better) but this was the only version of the song on youtube and I wanted to make it available for hearing. Someone has been touched by the song in how it relates to a loss in 9/11. So, that theme is used. When I heard it, I thought so much of my mother, and of our lives lately.
The opposite of our hope is a life that is defined by temporal unhappiness. Some may call it "unlucky". The tragedies of life are profoundly debilitating without the hope of the redeemer of history Himself.
"Behold, I make all things new!" Jesus


Zimms Zoo said...

Monkey recieved relentless as a gift and we really enjoy it also. I know songs, but never artists so I was pleasently surprised when I realized she sang a lot of my favorite songs.

Just as an aside.. How far is Ft. Irwin from you? I have a good friend moving there in 4 days.

tricia said...

I loved the songs. I might have to get the CD.