Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do you Copy?

My kids have been so funny lately. They have been really into playing with our pair of talkie walkies. It's hilarious the little lingo they come up with:
"Agent Sista, this is agent IC, do you copy? Over."
"Agent what?"
"Agent IC!"
(first agent still unable to hear agent IC clearly)
"Actually this is agent IK, do you copy?"
"Yes agent IK, I copy, over"

It cracks me up and I wish I could remember more. I thought to myself where do they get this stuff? I don't remember them being around anyone using a talkie walkie, or seeing it on a movie. Is there possibly some innate gene that just knows the way you talk on a talkie walkie? Must be.

Poor, Ebony. Poor, poor, Ebony.
Today we went outside and freaked out cause Ebony's face was all swelled up. She has a pretty narrow face but she had the face of some puffy boxer. I thought at first that she had eaten one of the fallen unripe nectarines off the tree. Then, we looked at her food bowl. It was full of food, and swarming, and I mean swarming, with red ants! Poor baby, she got so bit, she was toxic! I had to call the vet. I didn't have a car to rush her in. They said to give her benedryl. We didn't have any. My neighbor was nice enough to go get me some. So we squirted some children's cherry flavored benedryl down her throat (our little town only had children's). She licked her lips though. She wanted lots of cuddles... poor thing, I'm sure she was just miserable. Can you image your face getting swarmed over with red ants biting you and you don't have hands to wipe them off. If I had been able to see when it happened, I 'm sure she was wiping her face in the grass desperately. It was kinda funny though, about ten minutes after she had the meds she looked at me and teetered a bit..... she was dopey. She took a long nap in the laundry room and was much better afterwards. It was kinda comical to see her face look so different. Like a dog version of Will Smith in that "Hitch" movie!

She would not like the new Indiana Jones Movie!


Karen said...

Oh no, Alicia, poor Ebony! We had the same exact thing happen to our shih-tzu puppy. Ants in his food and they got all over his face. Problem with a shih-tzu...they have long silky hair so the ants were all embedded in his hair. It took me forever to get them out of a wiggly upset puppy. Of course, he was fine later like Ebony.

Yikes these pets and their antics!

Oh and do your kids' walkie talkies pick up the cb channels? In our new house, ours pick up the truckers on the interstate so we have to be very careful what is coming across the mics...truckers don't have the nicest lingo at times.

Alicia said...

your so right! we have had that happen, but not truckers, just local voices wanting to talk to them. that is why one, they are told to use codenames, and two, they have to turn them off for a while when they start to hear anyone else talking. it is usually quiet which is nice.

tricia said...

I do enjoy listening to my kids play make believe. It makes my heart sing and wonder where did that come from.