Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Time, Summer Time, Sum-Sum, Summer Time!

Yeah for summer, I love it!!!

I love the excitement the kids get to go to the libraries and sign up for the reading programs. Mine like to do two different ones so we went to both stops yesterday. Superkid was very anxious to get home and start the timed reading one because after so many minutes he gets to go in and get a prize. The other one is my favorite where they do all the reading and then get lots of tickets for stuff. Usually there are some great eating out opportunities after the reading is done! This is always great for us since Chilies with three kids requires something near the sacrifice of a limb. :*

I love that they stay up late and sleep in. The mornings are quiet and warm. Even now it's seven thirty and I 'm clicking away on my lap top with the fan going and the house is silent. I know any minute it will end, but oh, how nice! They stay up late to play outside when it's cool. I remember the playing till dark when I was a kid. Riding your bike till it was too hard to see where you were going. Playing flashlight tag....great summer fun!

I love that we could have sandwiches outside on the patio last night and how the kids beg to go play. Food is not so essential to them. I of course encourage them to finish but when you are having that much fun, who needs to eat? Oh, yeah, me.

I love that the little road is full of bikes. All the neighbor hood comes to congregate in front of our house. There are about ten children playing around. They come in the yard to swing and play with Ebony or yell at her for trying to eat their shoes while they are on the swing. They eat little plums from the trees up and down the street. (not so nice are all the sticky pits on the side of the road that they need to clean up) The basket ball hoop is getting used more as well.

I love that we cleaned up the patio furniture and Rick and I sit out there in the dark when they kids are in bed (with occasional escapee's here and there) and have tea. It's so great to sit and talk under the stars. Last night the moon was red (as was the sunset) because of the smoke from the fire near us.

Summer is just so relaxing, I'm lovin' it!

What are your favorite things about summer?


tricia said...

I love the fact that the kids can go off and play and I don't need to stop their fun to do school work. I can enjoy the peace and quiet. I enjoy taking an evening walks after it starts to cool down. I love to go swimming. I look forward to taking the kids to the pool and planning many pool play dates.

Zimms Zoo said...

We love the library program too. We took the kids to Chili's for my birthday and it was $98 after tip.
So love the free meals that they win. We also do 2 different ones.

We swim, have watergun fights, harvest from the garden, and watch movies at the summer movie camps.

The cool of the evening is my favorite time too. I would like to start walking in the morning again, but the need for 2 strollers (for nephew too) and one that whines after 3 minutes that she needs to ride too, tests my patience sorely.

I love the summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,
Isn't summer great!! My kids have staying up late and sleeping in also. I love being the first one up in the morning. The house is so quiet and still. I hope your guys are going to be able to make the play group tommorow. I look forward to catching up with you.
take care.

Karen said...

Oh how I miss CA summers! Tea on the patio...ahhh!!!

It's so miserable here in TX, you really can't go outside from May thru September (tho the kids try for little spurts cuz they are just going crazy indoors!).

We are loving the later bedtimes and I am enjoying that quiet morning right now (well, the big ones are in bed and Carter is enjoying an episode of Curious George so he's entertained).

I also love no homework! We can do art projects, or run errands in the afternoon without the stress of getting homework done.