Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Little Bit Of Daddy Spread Around

(If you read in RSS feed only, there is a tribute to my dad on the blog that you won't see)

Fathers Day!
Each of my kids is a little like their daddy in different ways. With tomorrow being Fathers Day, I wanted to highlight those very briefly tonight because I don't plan to blog tomorrow.

- Detail oriented in most ways, or at least details are important to her.
- Read at an extremely early age, like her daddy. Was reading Narnia in
Kindergarten. Still loves to read.
- Loves learning/researching new things she wants to know. Key word being "wants".
- Sensitive and thrives on encouragement (her sensitivity is definitely more feminine than daddy of course but still...)
- Cautious, careful. Let's someone else try out the daring things first, then proceeds. (usually her sister takes that risk role).
- Talkative and friendly

- Her love for 80's christian rock long ago recorded by her daddy. She listens to it all the time rewinding the song "People in a Box" by Farrel and Farrel, over and over, and over again.
- Athletic interests.... loves playing sports and watching them with daddy.
- Likes making tiny books and stapling them together, then drawing tiny pictures in them.
- Loves collecting things
- Likes comic books

- Loves tiny toys. Little Lego men, tiny plastic men...the tinier the better!
- Loves knights and castles, swords
- Loves to eat!
- Prefers playing sprawled out on the floor with toys.
- Of course, looks the most like daddy!

So, Happy Father's Day to every dad!

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