Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scraping In Some Summer Recipies

Wow, it's all ready hot here! I'm starting to realize it's time to beef up the summer food ideas. I'm going to gather some and post them in the cupboard this week. Before that, I'm hoping you guys will have some to share.

Rick, Princess and I have loved Humus for a long time. I'm happy to say that Superkid is now a major fan as well. So, I'll be looking for the perfect homemade humus recipe soon. It's so cheap to make at home and I use to years ago but when we went through the toddler phase, it was rejected for a while. We also love felafel's. They are great served with some tabouli, which you can also get from a co-op or bulk health food. It can be made from your own Bulgar wheat as well. I prefer the dry mix with all the herbs and stuff. Just add chopped cucumber and tomato (when it's okay to eat them again).

So, I'm hoping you can help me out here with some of your favorite summer foods. Just post comment and you will have your recipes put in the cupboard. I'm looking for crockpot, bread machine, grill, pastas, salad that makes a meal, no-bake deserts, sandwich ideas, smoothie yummies, and so on. Post away!


Kristen Borland said...

oooo, i'm looking forward to reading the responses too. i need some ideas!

Zimms Zoo said...

I am looking forward to your ideas. I have the lentil recipe on this weeks recipe rotation and am looking forward to trying it. I am going to try and adapt it for the slow cooker.
Unfortunately we all hate hummus and that other stuff you mentioned. They always look so good. Maybe I just need to keep trying.
If I stumble across any I will be sure and post them.

Brooke said...

What a fun blog world you have! I love the ideas you have in all your blogs and its a great way to catch up on your life! Your kids are super cute!

Alicia said...

Hey brooke! thanks for coming by, it was fun to see your note!:)

Christina said...

I love humus too! I have a recipe but it calls for Tahini. Do you know where to find it? If it turns out well, I'll let you know.

Alicia said...

Yes! I use to have a big jar when I use to make it. It is essentially sunflower butter. You should be able to find it at a healthfood store, sometimes at the grocery discount, or possibly even trader joes. Best bet is the healthfood store.
I'd love to see your recipe.
It should have the garbanzos, spices, lemon juice, the tahini, olive oil.... and I think that's about it right?
I just ran out from our TJ's tub! I'm really wanting to make some. The kids just loved it (except lilo). I love it with flat bread but need to start having it with veggies more for myself.
Feel free to post recipe here. :)