Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On A Lighter Note....

I'm a little worn out with my intense self.
Moving to something lighter.
Kristen did a meme free-for-all, and Life Adapted tagged me... (ironically similar themes) so I'm here to meme ya'll...
My Five Things:

Five things I was doing ten years ago...

1. Enjoying my precious almost six month old baby girl!
2. Hanging out a lot at my parents house so they could enjoy her too.
3. Getting a thrill out of going through girl baby hand-me-downs.
4. Giving her those yummy, messy, teething Gerber biscuits all the time... she love them!
5. Nursing, and singing.
(can you tell this was my life back then?)

Five things on my to-do list today:
(Rick was off today so it was family project day)
1. Move desk to a different wall with hubbie help.
2. Sort through left over stuff brought in from car and van.... you would not believe how much!
3. Wash our bedding.
4. Make Pesto Tortellini from TJ's for dinner.
5. Do our bible Study wrap up (Rick, Princess and I are going through John Piper's "Don't Waste Your Life" study).. cuddle on our bed and talk about these wonderful deep concepts about God. I'm loving it!

Five Snacks I enjoy (what I enjoy, and what I eat are two different things):

(please people.... this is torture)
1. Potato Chips (Number one bane of mine.... I don't buy them... there is no such thing as "just have one")
2. Hot and Spicy Cheez-it's
3. Holiday Homemade chex mix
4. Artichoke Spinach hot dip w/ corn chips
5. Humus and Pita or veggies

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
(I'm with Kristen.. I don't want to be one... I'm not good with money)
1. Tithe a whoppin' tithe baby!
2. Without Second thought, be debt free.
3. Have our home repairs all taken care of and repairs on the cars (or better quality trade in's)
4. Set up Funds for Kids.
5. Travel (all five of us, cause we could afford it!)

Five Places I have lived:
(I'm going to take the liberty to change this since I don't like to post living places especially since most of them are local)

So.... presto chango.....

Five Places I have loved to visit:
1. Moscow...particularly Red Square
2. Victoria BC
3. Lake Baikal, Russia
4. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
5. Anywhere there is snow

Now on to the Meme from Life Adapted
Five Kind things I've done for strangers:

1. I made dinners for a guy who had back surgery and no woman to help him out.
2. I ALWAYS look for doors to help open for mom's with strollers cause I SO remember being there!
3. A lady on my street had a baby and I made her a basket of baby stuff.
.... that's all that comes to mind... I' m home a lot people!

Five kind things I've done for a close friend, partner or child:
(I'm starting to feel a little braggy.... )
1. I always like to grab stuff at the thrift store that I know my friends like. I.E. one friend likes real pottery and I pick it up when I see it.. or I know a few pyrex patterns they are looking for and pick them up too.
2. Same thing with my kids.... mommy almost always comes home from a "me" time with a special cheap something or other.

3. Get up early to have coffee with my husband. He loves that, any you have no idea how kind it is of me. I'm not a morning person and he leaves early.
4. I find great joy helping out when my friends need kids watched or meals.
....drawing a blank now...
Five kind things I do for myself:
1. I use to take a hot bath before my tub broke.
2. I either have an iced coffee, hot coffee, or tea time for myself in the afternoon. I'm not sure if this is kind or surviving.
3. sometimes I exercise...not doing good lately, but....you know..
... what do you know..another blank.

Five things I do for fun:
1. Dates with Rick
2. Reading or watching something real good
3. Trips to thrifting
4. Family outside time
5. Blogging

But you probably knew that by now....:*

OH! I FORGOT>>> I tag.. YOU!


Karen said...

I'm broken hearted and yet cracking up as I write this serious (ridiculous??!!) comment...I'm mourning your bathtub for you! That tub is the foundation of our concept of finding a little time to relax and get away...I'm so sorry!! No family should be without their big garden tub!!

Alicia said...

....yeah.. I'm so sad... it is my fav thing about the house. it has a leak somewhere and rick needs to pull the pannels off to have a look... any idea how we do that? when we first moved in the sink leaked and it just needed more permanent valves so maybe that is what the problem is.

Kristen Borland said...

oh i love that shirt!

Judy said...

I love that shirt too. The whole time I was chasing that snake around the Mr. was saying "Hey Snake! You're going to be blogged!"

Alicia said...

Ha! Judy...love it!
I'll try to look into where these came from. I just found the image.

Alicia said...

....it reminds me of a line in "Anne of Green Gables":
"My life is an open book I see! Who told you that?!"
(anne speaking to gilbert)