Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two Meme's With One Stone

First of all let me say, that today was a better day. Not perfect....but when is it? I'll take what I can get. I did have a good time with the Lord in prayer mostly this morning. Perhaps because that was I needed the most, just to pray. Then, I did 40 min of walking, yeah. We did chores and then discovered that we could not get linked to our virtual academy (K12) because the system was down. Since we were really going on the house stuff the girls spent the morning cleaning their room (nearly covered entirely and no floor space) and I was able to do things around the house. Our afternoon had a few twists and turns but it brought about some blessings of time with friends.

So, I am here to do two memes and then I'll be posting some pics long past.
Kristen at Crafty Mama put this one up for gabs (which is what I'm going to do, if you are into Memes as I am then Meme away!)
Four jobs I have had in my life:
-Floor Supervisor at a facility that created piece and assembly work for the physically and mentally handicapped ( I was a supervisor at 16...amazing when I think back but I had experience growing up with my brother and lots of these guys were his friends or workmates)
-Cashier at Kmart- that was fun, kinda my first job out with people my own age which I was really not ready for entirely and fell hard for a bushy long haired boy named Justin. My parents started to sweat. I was 17 (remember I was homeschooled so this was all possible)
-Retail at Ross- one of the worst jobs I've ever had. Have you ever seen the shoe section at Ross? Well, that was my job. I never disliked people more in my life because when I finally worked my way from size 5 to size 12, the mess was started all over again back at size 5. People would just try on and drop, try on and drop. It should have prepared me for motherhood but perhaps thats why I'm extra sensitive to messes compiling behind my very trail of cleaning.
-Worked with an organization that took care of handicapped adults specifically brain damaged adults. This was what I was doing when I got married and then pregnant with Princess. It was a hard job. Many of the these kids were normal at birth and something tragic happened to them. I've never come out of that shadow of worry for my own kids. It was not a bad job in and of itself though because what we mostly did was keep them busy all day. Some days were work days, but most were trips to Barnes and Noble, thrift stores, old book shops, libraries, parks, etc. Not bad for a day of work. I did however have one explode on me in a bagel shop and take the ice tea machine and throw it across the restaurant because he was mad he did not have money for a soda. I got to ride in the back of a cop car with this one and one more in my charge to the loonie bin hospital. A bad day.

Four movies I've watched more than once:
Man From Snowy River
Anne Of Green Gables
Jane Eyre (w/ Timothy Dalton)
Lord Of The Rings
(more than once is not hard on my favs)

Four places I've lived:
Southern Indiana (right across the river from Louisville Ky)
Many places in North County
One place in South County
(I try to stay away from place naming on the blog so I'll move on)

Four TV shows I watch:
It's funny because I don't watch these actually on tv (much like Kristen)
-Lost online(big crazy, nutty, fan...Rick and I both)
-Office online (sporadic when we can)
-Monk (on dvd from the Library)
-Everybody Loves Raymond (dvd from Netflix....I'm just about done with the last season. I never got to see them on tv but once in a a blue moon at some house or something...I love the marriage/family drama)
Four places I have been:
Russia (Siberia)
Four places I want to go someday:

Four favorite foods:
Anything involving garlic, carbs and butter
Better than...... Pudding layer dessert (i need to post that recipe...yummy)
Greek Gyros (sp?) w/ a cucumber yogurt sauce
Russian Borscht in Russia itself (I have not had it taste as good as when I was there on a mission trip...maybe I was just really hungry)

Four places I'd rather be right now:
In a hotel on the beach on a week away with my Husband
In Venice eating real Italian food
(right now is kinda hard to fathom)
In Heaven (is that too spiritual for a meme?)
In Tomorrow with all my work done! (Yeah, that's really the best one, it's really a great one!)

Four places I love to shop:
Thrift Stores
Target Clearance
Lately, CVS
Book sales at Libraries

And Now. ....for Fishmama's Meme (ironically similar)

Four Places I always go: ( a little different from the "love to shop at")
Food For Less
My Friend Tricia's house (had to put you in there:)
Trader Joes

Four people who always email me:
My SIL, Tricia, our school, Karen
(I do most of my chatting here now that I think about it:)

Four people who will respond (to this meme): Tricia, Amy, Christy, Christina (gonna break the four rule and hope that Kendal will too:)

Four TV shows I'd watch over and over: I wouldn't, I consider myself lucky to get one run through...
Well, maybe old ones like Mayberry or Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin .....but it never happens.

Wow, that took up the night blog time! I'll get to those pics someday!
BTW- welcome to Life Adapted blogger....I don't know you but glad you came by and felt comfortable to post comment! I love your comments on your "about me".

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