Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birth of a New Blog Announcement

Big Announcement!

Now I know why some of these women have separate blogs for coupons and deal sharing. I have only so much space for my life blog here so I've created yet ANOTHER blog.
In the future, I will be sharing coupon and deal alerts at What's The Deal?.

That way, you can go there if you are into coupons and not if your not!

The link will remain on the side bar under my other blogs list. The entries for coupon alerts will be deleted after this weekend on Shoot For Eternity. The two most recent have all ready be moved to What's the Deal?.

I hope this is helpful for you guys, let me know. I'm hoping you will come there to share what you find in the week too.

1 comment:

Judy said...

Happy Anniversary!
You look like a cute couple!
Thanks for adding a site for couponing. I like reading about what's the news in your regular life. Cereal and Tortilla Chips and Imitation Crab - well - recipes maybe. I'm half way there. So don't count me out.

Just wanting to know how learning and loving and that kind of stuff is your world.

See you later.