Sunday, April 6, 2008

California Dreamers

We had a wonderful anniversary! We spent the day out being in our beautiful CA and enjoying every moment together. It was over a little too fast.
There are times that I really envy the midwest crew. I may drool over your house prices, down home American lifestyle, and slow pace living. Our day yesterday renewed my passion for my California dreamin' heart! Just a drive away in California we can have snow, ocean, mountain, forest, can you beat that!? Perhaps it really is worth pinching the pennies to live where many people dream to be.

I felt like a tourist in my own land since I really am on a island of sorts with the kids all the time. I don't get out much. It was wonderful to be a tourist for a day or two. Friday morning I woke up with a strange and intense get out in nature and exercise. Specifically I longed to walk the beach and hike. I am a stranger in my own skin! I never liked hiking much. My 20lb loss of weight has rendered a most pleasant surprise....a desire to move and live! It is great! I love that I can change at 31! I love that my life is not doomed to fatigue like I felt before. It's an awakening of the soul as well as the body. Highly recommendable.

We spent Friday evening with a dinner picnic on the beach. Out to the coast of those pines by the sea (locals, fill in). We found a cove on the beach and had our dinner of provolone, salami, grapes, bread and apples. It was quite cold so we did not eat much before we decided it was time to walk. We walked the whole 1.5 mile board walk along the coast and back again. While we strolled along, the sun sank into the ocean. It was lovely.

Saturday we did something we NEVER get to do. We slept in till about 9:30! Then, we stayed in bed and had coffee till 10:30 talking! What treats! Those who can navigate their own lives w/o kids and have a "hmmm what ever shall I do now?" moment, have NO IDEA what it's like to live that way for ONE day!

Lunch was at Chili's using up the last of our gift card from my mom from Christmas. Another triumphal surprise. I only ate 1/2 of my burger, and 1/4 of my fries (not out of self control, but just lack of need to continue). I'm thinking "who am I and what have you done with me?!" The me before would never have passed on fries! In fact, I could have finished mine and helped the kids with theirs too!

We headed out to the coast once more and it was the most gorgeous day! I got a few good shots on the road:

From here we headed to MDO and hiked the "Hazard" trail. We had never been out there before so we had no idea where our trail would lead. I was worried at first that it was going to be boring brush all the way. It was a complete uphill climb to the top. The cove that we parked near is pictured here. We were up just a little ways compared to where we were headed.

About half way up we decided that next time, this would be our aspiration:As we went along the view become more and more grand. From the top we could see down to the coastline and MB. It was amazing.

If you look into the distance, you can see MB below.
When you are out, just the two of you, it can be kinda hilarious to try to get a picture. I was going to show the best one but the whole reel is kinda funny because we were trying too hard to take turns aiming the camera, and yet appear to be casual. We got tickled and cracked up a few times too. Sometimes he looks serious and sometimes I do too, this is when we are the ones holding the camera. I'll put them in order. The last one cracks me up.

I love Rick's flared nostrils on this one, it cracks me up. We decided to give up on the perfect picture and move on. There was a bench up at the top and we decided next time to pack a lunch and bring it for the most wonderful picnic spot ever!
So, in conclusion, I was reminded how much I love to be with my husband (and yes, you can forget though you may not mean to in the hub of life and kids) and how much I love where we live. I look forward to getting out and enjoying this land more as the kids grow up and we can do things as a team more. Lord willing, many adventures lie ahead for the five of us.
We picked up the kids after this and right away went home to start them headed to bed because they were so tired. We sat trying to have a conversation and kept hearing them call for us, or have issues with each other, or things they needed. Rick said something about how amazing that the stress level goes back up so quick. It's true, it does. You wish these days could last longer. But you know, it's a joy we are called to and and a journey worth traveling. There are mountain top days and there are valley days. The valleys make you enjoy the mountain tops even more.
BTW-I have lots of pic from my camera from Easter and other things to share, but it's late tonight. I will try to come back to that this week.
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It was so fun! I'm anxious to go again!


Amy B said...

I love it! You guys looked like you had so much fun! And it's so worth the time together to get away! Sounds perfect to me! Makes me want to get outside! Amy

Zimms Zoo said...

That had to be so nice. Oour kids haven't spent the night (all together ) in a long time.
I completely understand how refreshing it can be to have time alone.
Side note: I didn't realize I was older than you. But I can't reveal my age. HA!

FishMama said...

The last pic is my fav, flaring nostrils and all. It looks spontaneous and casual and the view in the back is great.

Don't drool over the housing prices here. It's not worth it. Honestly, we are doing our "dadgummed" best to get out of Dodge and BACK to CA. We will probably not have as "nice" or as big of a house, but we will also get to outside more often than three months out of the year. ;) Glad you are enjoying nature. It's definitely one of the great beenfits of CA.

Happy Anniversary!

karen edge said...

I love the third to last guys are just cracking up and it's so candid! And the pics of the coast DO make me long for CA...TX beaches just aren't the same!

Judy said...

Ode To Be 31
(insert poem here)

I never noticed that you have vampire teeth (sharp eye teeth). Me too. I had lots of braces on them, my goodness.

Oh yeah, it looks like you're pointing to Mt. Titte near Butte Creek. It's a hot spot.

Nice photos. Where's your Flickr?

See ya soon. hugs

Alicia said...

Yes, it's true, we have "canines" running in our family. Emma has them too if you notice. We have strong indian blood and Rick teases me that it is my survival skill from the natives running through me still. I've never liked them much but old enough to not care anymore.
You don't want to make me mad though!!!!
:)>.. just kiddding.
I did not have time to keep my flicker updated. It's still out there in the account but I dont' have it on the side bar right now. You noticed!