Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coupon for Christmas Now

My friend Trish and I did our CVS run last night. I came for a few highlights for those of you who don't check MSM or other sites.

Softsoap Spa free after ECB's (limit 5)
Remember to get a rain check if they are out!

Speed Stick Deodorant
(Internet coupon sites have $1/1 coupons, and there were some in the paper)
Potential of 4 free after ECB and coupon (limit on ECB # is 5)

Colgate Advance toothpaste (on sale BOGO)
Use coupon from paper or Internet (you need two)
I had 2 of the$1.50/1 and got two large tubes for .19

Accidental find!
Colgate toothbrushes in the travel bins (they are normal size) are .99.
There was a coupon in paper for .75 off making them .24!

Note: I bought four papers this week because I'm finding that I can really get about 10x's my 1.25 off from each paper. For example the Softsoap was free after ecb, plus I have four $1.50/1 coupons and $1/1 from older paper. By the time I get all of my five limit (I had to get a rain check for three because they were out) I will have banked 7$ on that deal alone!
I don't know if I will do it every time but this time I got two, and then went back for two more after seeing that it was worth it.
BTW- does anyone local want a free paper each week for me -the coupons? I have lots! I think the kids and I will have to do some paper projects! I could have really used all this when training Ebony!

Trish had a wonderful thought. For those of you who think "what am I going to do with five free toothpaste tubes?!" If you get on a roll with CVS or other rebate deals and hesitate to get your full limit, consider this. SAVE YOUR STASH FOR PUTTING TOGETHER SAMARITANS PURSE BOXES AT CHRISTMAS! This will be perfect and such a great use of our coupon runs. Small tubes like the free ones from last week, soap bars, toothbrushes, and all other things may come up to where you can bless many children this Christmas!


Zimms Zoo said...

That is a great idea because we do samaritan purse boxes. The kids love to do that and we have helped wrap boxes too!
Thanks for the tip on that.
I didn't think about getting more papers. Sometimes our paper won't put the coupons in if you buy it from the store. I will need to check . I did get all the other deals you listed and was excited to figure it out on my own. Thanks for the alerts.

Alicia said...

I'm glad you are getting off to a good start!
Hey, I'm sending that chocolate soon. I need to get it out before the weather warms up!

tricia w. said...

I can't take credit for the Christmas Box idea. I can not remember who I was talking to about all my toothpaste and they shared the idea with me. It is a great idea and I can not wait to see what else I can get for free that I can share.

karen edge said...

If you guys find you don't have room to save it all until Christmas time, you can consider donating your excess toiletries to a battered woman's shelter or homeless shelter too!

karen edge said...

Btw...did everyone do the cleaners deal at CVS? I got two windex, two fantastic, a scrubbing bubbles and a palmolive...had great MQs from the Sunday paper ($4.80 worth)...threw in a couple other things on sale, used $14.95 previous ECBs...paid $12.61 and came out with $14.98 in ECBs again!!!!

tricia w. said...

I'm glad you did so well!
Our CVS had been cleaned out of scrubbing bubbles and did not have the windex that had the better coupons...etc..
I was glad I passed though since Albertson's put there same items on sale for 1.99 and after coupon I got just three I needed for a little over a dollar.

Alicia said...

The above post by tricia is actually me!!!
I forgot I'm on her computer (watching her kids while she runs tot he store) and was logged in as her.
So, the above post comment was me.
(oh, my goodness...how silly:)

karen edge said...

OK so I went to CVS again tonight and had a BLAST! I got 4 of the CVS brand pain reliever and thing of 99c bubbles for the kids...used a 2/10 (CVS brand only) and my $14.95 ECB from earlier in the week...my total was $0 and I walked out with $15.96 in new ECBs!!!!

But how does it work if I ask for a rain check on the Spa softsoap that they were out of? Later when it's back in stock do I somehow get my ECBs too??

Alicia said...

Wow, it seems some of these deals are not advertized. Or at least, I did not see that one.

Our store manager wrote up a special ecb for us that explained how the cashier was to run it to come out free. He is very nice though so we try to go on the night he is there.

karen edge said...

Alicia, the CVS brand tylenol is the front cover deal for the MONTHLY ad for April (3.99 with 3.99 ECB up to 5). It's a black colored ad, look for it in the store or you can find the link on HCW or AFC.

Alicia said...

Oh, that's why I have not seen it, they were not out yet when I was there. I'll check the sites.