Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kitchen Makeover

Okay, I said I was leaving.....I know.

Yet I thought this would be better as it's own post. My friend Karen will find this interesting since she use to live in my house!
Here is the before:
Not bad, just a little too dark for me. It was a deep slate green.

The after:

The lighting makes the first one look much more olive than it really is. The pics below show more if it's sage tint.
Some of you who know me know my passion for Crazy Daisy, the vintage Corell and Pyrex pattern I love and have collected from thifting and gifts. This color is much more on the pallet of the Crazy Daisy. The other green had too much blue and made a clash. I took some pics just to illustrate.

The final results:

And that's my sweet goofy son wanting to be in the picture. :)


FishMama said...

Looks great! But, my favorite part of your kitchen is the stash of cereal atop the cupboards. Excellent!

tricia w. said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person.

Alicia said...

Yes, the cereal was the free part!
Tricia, yes, now I have one more reason for Riley and Caedmon to get together!

Christina said...

Looks great, Alicia!

karen edge said...

I LOVE the new color...and funny...if it were me today picking a new shade of green to paint...I would TOTALLY go with the sage tone you picked! Funny how 5 years changes tastes! Go you for getting that big project tackled!!!

Joan said...

It's beautiful! Good job, Alicia!

Alicia said...

Aw, thanks for the kudos guys!
I actually have never painted anything indoors before! So, I'm glad it turned out okay.
I know what you mean. When we got married my colors were forest green and maroon. I would never do that now, it's too dark. My living room is kinda that way but not because I want it, it's been cheap or free furniture. I'm glad you approve since it was your hard work before! :)

Zimms Zoo said...

My mom still has her dishes like that from when I was a kid.
Without stepping on your toes, I couldn't wait to get married and not have to use those dishes anymore. LOL. I hated that color and those flowers. Now we are over there all the time using those dishes. She even has the platter and the serving bowls. How they have survived this long I will never know.
Great color for the kitchen though. My husband is looking at something similar for the dining room.

P.S. I have to say the reason she bought those dishes initially was because they matched the new house they had bought. It had the wonderful gold and green of the
70's. Even green shag carpet. Before we moved (13 years later)the green and gold were finally all gone. Except those plates that she has refused to part with.

Alicia said...

It's okay! I'm not hurt. The old vintage green is not for everyone. I was inspired to do the pattern becasue of it's simple flower pattern that was as similar as I could find to a mary engelbreit simple flower. Plus, I have had the opposite reaction with corell patterns. Whenever I see my grandma's old "gold butterfly" pattern it makes me go way back in a good way. I wanted the kids to have something they rememeber. It can be worked into a modern pallet and decor, but very delicatley!:)
I also have a few of the gold butterfly pieces for memeory sake. They do hold up amazingly well!
I'm not up for green shag carpets though:). I do love vintage, even some 70's vintage. By the time my kids get anything from all this it will be antique!
Hey, on that note, I'm really looking for the crazy daisy drinking glasses so if you see any of those, you can turn your talent to spot the pattern into a good thing!

Kristen Borland said...

oooo, pretty!!

Amy B said...

I love painting! It's a great way to make any room new again! Looks wonderful...