Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lessons From A Songbird

I know I'm breaking from blogging this week. However, I came to type this up anyway. Like a musing child, I was blessed by the singing of a bird this morning as I had my coffee.

Let it be known that I am not a fan of poetry that does not rhyme, so I hardly call this a real poem. It's more like random thoughts.

Morning Heart Song

What little bird, inspires your morning song?
That blesses and awakens the day.
You worry not for shelter or food-
Or the very place you will build your home.
Yet, your joy rings out in building praise-
As all cares rest in your Creator alone.
You sing to life- springing new!
Life He has given and you simply enjoy.
Little bird you have so little-
In the measuring way of man,
And yet your joy is testimony
To the music of heart found in holy treasure.
You are lucky if your song is heard,
By beings of your same Creator-
Who have not learned yet your wisdom.
Praise the Lord with song little bird!
He hears your glorious notes!
He delights in your joy of life he’s given,
And sees your every need.
Praise him for all He is to your want,
Creator, sustainer, and friend.
You do not reserve your song for dusk
Of a good day when all has been given,
No! You sing early with anticipation!
Knowing in whom you trust for all.
Your joy, never circumstantial-
Is more than men can muster-
Out on their quest of great fortune.
May I sing as you little bird!
At the dawning of the new day-
Anxious- anticipating life at His hand-
Gifts He will give just when I need.
May I sing before He has given-
In complete trust that He shall,
For the day He has created-
For the life he delights to sustain!


Zimms Zoo said...

Love the look. You are very creative when it comes to changing your blog. Love it.

tricia w. said...

I like the new look. Thank you for changing my blog look. God has blessed you with an ability with words that I could only dream to have. I have always been encouraged by birds.

Christina said...

Beautiful, Alicia! I'm glad you broke your blogging break to share.

Kristen Borland said...

oh, dear, dear alicia! you wound my soul!! (hee, hee, just kidding!!)

i actually prefer poems that don't rhyme, unless they are written really, really well. i prefer the rhythm in a poem, like shakespeare's blank verse (un-rhymed iambic penatmeter). (sonnet 116 is my fav!)

as a writer, poet, and English major, i have to defend the poets!