Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Here

(Lilo and Superkid....when they were babies...Lilo turns 8 on Sunday! Wow.)
I've so had not time for blogging! Ah! It's not that I'm crazy busy (just busy) or anything, it's just that I cannot afford to get distracted lately.
Had two sick kids over the weekend and lingering into the week. Superkid had some weird thing going on with his ankle we had to have checked out by a doctor, he's fine.
Lilo's birthday is Sunday! We are gearing up for a party here. Even making dinner is seeming like a side note lately.
Rick is off for a three day weekend this weekend! HE gets one every six weeks. I'm excited because Saturday is my birthday and he gets to be home (he usually works on Saturday). He and I are going to spend the near six hours the kids are in school on Friday "celebrating" my birthday by just being out together and maybe using a bogo lunch coupon.
The kids have one more week of school next week and then it's time to make cookies, presents for friends and Nana and just sit around listening to music and catching a few good movies at home. I'm looking forward to it.


Godsgirl68 said...

I'm sorry you've had sick kids Alicia. That is NO fun! Sitting around listening to music and watching movies sounds so much better! Ha Ha!!! Happy Almost Birthday!!!

Joy in the Burbs... said...

I'm linking over to see your blog from "in other words" blog. I liked your comment on one of her post so I wanted to come say hello.

I love the baby pictures. So sweet. My kids are similar ages and they get out of school on Friday also.
Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your birthday. The 19th is my moms birthday also. I knew I would like you when you said you were using a coupon for lunch. haha.
Love coupons!
Also, loved the way the room turned out in the post below. I loved that magazine too. I use to subscribe also. M.E. is so creative.