Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Favorite Photo of 2008

These are my babies-
These have been the moments given-
These are the pearls of my life string-
I will wear them one day complete-
When I fall at your feet-
And say, thank you.

Do you remember that awful episode on Hero's when Mr. Bennett threatens to take away the guys memories of his dead family member? I was struck by that since my dad has died and that truly would be the most awful thing. You know, we may go through thick and thin, good and bad, but those memories are the treasures of our hearts. I cannot imagine loosing a single moment treasured from 2008. Blogging is helping me remember them more along the way. You know you think you will remember all the funny things they say and then one day you say "oh, you do you remember when she use to say ...oh, what was it!?" and you wish you could remember.
I gave my mom a treasure box made by the girls with empty cards in it. It was to write down memories as they came to her one by one either of dad, or of things going on now. I think I will start one for myself to have a box of treasured moments.
Treasure time, it is truly God's gift. Also, ponder what to do with it when it's in your hand. I shall do the same.
What moments will come this year?
One thing is absolute, I shall not pass this way again, and that is sobering enough.


Tony E. said...

Heroes is, by far, my favorite show in a long time. That was a powerful moment in an otherwise forgettable season :)

I'm so glad season 3 was so much better.

tricia said...

The treasure box of memories is a great idea. I have a empty box sitting on my nightstand waiting to be deoorated and filled with something. My memory is so bad.

Joan said...

I love this picture, Alicia! Was it taken in Washington? I'm looking forward to spring coming again already. Happy New Year!

Alicia said...

Hey Joan, btw, thanks for coming by and commenting, i love when you stop by. :)
Yes! This is on hurricane ridge! We do have Lupines here, but not that time of year. The kids were laughing at Rick making faces behind me holding the camera. The best faces are the candid camera moments! I gave it to my mom in a frame that said "Grandkids" with a little heart for Christmas. I want to blow it up to put up somewhere.
Happy New Year to you too! Are you home now?

Alicia said...

I am a HUGE..did I say HUGE yet, fan of LOST so Hero's is pretty good but I'm waiting for Jan 21st like nothing else!!!
It took me a while to get what Hero's was about but it has grown on me. The last season I caught up on while sick and I'm starting to get confused so I'm looking forward to it starting so I can actually figure out who is good and who is really bad.:)