Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Few Fresh Ideas

I three more ideas for ya:

1. Saw a fleece quilt kit for girls at Michael's. You could cut the little squares yourself for such a fraction of the cost (the kit made a throw size and was 20 dollars) and pick colors your kid likes.

2. The Dollar Tree has tiny wooden treasure boxes and acrylic primary and pastel paint. You can make a kit for your kid with some of these so they can decorate them for friends.

3. You can have them decorate some for family and print verses on cardstock to fit in the treasure box. Pick a few themes (security, love, peace, forgiveness etc.) and color code them with a hole punch and ribbon for that theme. Then if they need a verse for reassurance, they pick that color. Create a tiny brass hook in the top of the box so the box can be set on it's side (you could do vertical or horizontal and even have the kids decorate the top of the lid like a picture frame) and hook the one they needed that day to the front to display on their dresser, counter or desk. I came up with this one this morning and will use it for someone special I know.:)

4. Michael's has these neat magnets in the dollar bin. They are shapes of all kinds (animals, butterflies etc). They are black but you have a scratcher to design a beautiful image. The magnet ones (their are plain shapes and stickers too) are good because the kids can create them and give them as a gift.

Maybe more later...who knows. My brain's been reelin'.

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