Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Rebellious Mailman

Many of you know Rick is a city carrier Mail Man. He is told this time of year to tell people "Happy Holidays". He's rather rebellious about it. I try to be to so when the people at the store say "Happy Holidays" to you...make sure to smile big and say "YES! Merry Christmas!"

Oh, the power of the name of Christ. To us it is a cause to rejoice, to others it's offensive. It has that reputation you know, and praise GOD, it always will!
Makes me think of the words of this scripture:
"At the name of Christ, every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth, and every tongue confess that HE IS LORD!"
Some people are not willing to bow and confess right now. Sad news for them is that they will one day anyway. Good news for those of us who trust is that we are just practicing for our big day to all bow together. Man, I'm going to be there and my heart will be full!

Karen (Love the Monkey Life"" on the blog reel) shared this fun Youtube and I agree..thanks Karen!

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Claire said...

Every time someone says "Happy Holidays," I reply "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"

Sadly, I've noticed fewer Christmas trees in stores, and just fewer decorations in stores in general. My mil thinks it's because of the economy, but I really think it's an effort to get anything representing traditional Christmas out of society.