Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"A Year Of Crockpotting" Lady on Rachel Ray!

Okay, so I called my neighbor/friend to beg help so I can see this. The lady who does "A Year Of Crockpotting" blog is going to be on Rachel Ray's show!
So, if you have cable watch! If you're like me and don't.....beg someone who puts up with you. :)


Karen said...

Alicia, do you guys get anything off of a pair of rabbit ears? This is on Rachel's NBC talkshow, right after Days of Our Lives in my area...you should be able to see it as it's not on FoodNetwork but on local network broadcasting.

I'm going to try to catch it tomorrow, thanks for the head's up...I hope you can see it!!

tricia said...

Thank you, Alicia and Karen. I am going to try and catch the show. It may be fuzzy, but I usually get the idea.