Monday, July 7, 2008

A Wonderful Movie Experience

Princess and I went to see the American Girls new instalment about Kit Kittredge. It was such a great movie! I was impressed by all elements: story line, acting, costume, ...etc. The message in the movie was refreshing as well. It was definitely a tear jerker too. Made you laugh, made you cry, made you anxious and made you reflect. Good stuff.

My favorite element I have to say though was the vintage 40's dresses and aprons..... I may have been caught drooling if it had not been so dark. :)
Go to the link for a trailer of the movie and more vintage drooling!


Amy B said...

I want to take Paige to see this but we don't know anything about the whole "American girl" doll stuff. We won't be lost will we? Do you think it would hold a 5 year old's attention?

mom/nana said...

I was wondering if you would blog about it. So glad it turned out to be a good movie for my cabbages.Love you guys.

Zimms Zoo said...

We have been dying to go see this. I am glad it is so good.

I really like the girl who plays Kit, she is so good in the Ultimate Gift.

tricia said...


I had a lot of fun yesterday. I am glad you enjoyed the movie, too. I thought the movie was good. I want to see the other movies now. I, too, loved all the aprons. I would love to have some of those old aprons.

Alicia said...

I personally don't keep up with the stories but I knew Kit was a depression era character. I loved it and understood the whole storyline. Princess did read some but not all of the books and she loved it too.
Lilo did not want to go. She is not into the American Girl thing. She leans more to the funny light hearted stuff (aka: spongebob). This had funny in it but it was definately a human story as well.
As far as a five year old? Well, the youngest in our mommy/daughter group had just turned seven. I think it could still be enjoyable if your daughter likes to follow a whole story line. If she needs short and to the point movies, then it would possibly bore her at times. There is some saddness and hard to accept meanness on the part of some unloving people. If she is sensitive to that, I would wait a while.
Check out that trailer, maybe that will help you.
It was very good! I was relieved too! It was very innocent and clean.

I like her too! I was glad when it was her. I loved "The Ultimate Gift" as well.

I'll keep my eyes out for some patterns and maybe we can procure some of those!