Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm Playing Pee Sample Mommy!

My just turned five year old son seems to be enamored with the new thing he had to do at his kindergarten check up. I just went in the bathroom to help him with something and he held up one of our dip cups (for ketchup, ranch etc) which he had taken the liberty of collecting a pee sample in! Heavens. Just when you think they've done it all.


Zimms Zoo said...

that is funny!

when the zookeeper was 3 he saw his mom's urine sample in the frig (gross) thought it was lemonade and tried to drink it. thankfully his mom caught him before he got to much.

this is a story you want to write in his book and show him later. funny!

Alicia said...

okay, you win. that is worse than my story!:)

Karen said...

OK, THAT is FUNNY! I have to say I've never walked in on my monkeys pretending THAT part of a checkup...maybe you can get him a stethescope and a blood pressure cuff instead lol.

ewan&tate'smom said...

Oh, the joy of having boys!! :)