Monday, July 14, 2008

Be A Fly On My Wall

I have so not felt like blogging lately. I have had a lot going on the past month but some of it is unbloggable for different reasons. I also just have not had the energy to catch up on much of it. Besides this, we really have just been doing a lot of hiding from the heat and smoke. It is much better today and a joy to be able to keep the windows open for a while.

So, stop by and be a fly on my wall for a min so we can catch up.

Humus Love

I just finished a bowl of cucumber and tomatoes covered with some yummy scoops of home made humus. We are loving this recipe:

1 can drained garbanzo beans

1 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp cumin

2 med cloves garlic

3 Tbs. Tahinni (TJ's)

EVOO to liking (about 1/4 cup)

Throw in food processor and push button!

I made a commitment to myself to do my Arbonne shake or fruits and veggies (including legumes) for the next two weeks so I can feel better on our trip once many of my bad food choice toxins are eliminated. I walked an hour this morning and although part of me screamed "NO!" through most of it, I was so happy to have done it in the end.

Planet Earth

We have been loving those so far! Wow! I watched the one on caves while walking this morning and the kids are watching it now while I chill for a few minutes. The video footage is dumbfounding. I think I was most impressed with the thought that man has just recently been able to burrow down into these caves and how amazed he has been at what he has found. Yet, the mind of God has not only known about their every corner and crook, he knows every little bizarre creature living there in the dark, taking care of it's need. The beauty of the deepest parts of the earth or sea are no mystery to him! Yet, he also knows the hairs on my head in their number. Wow.

Rent it, netflix it, library it.....what ever you do.. watch it.


I've finally got my hands on chronological bible in a year book. I've always wanted to do this, read chronologically that is. I have a neighbor who just came back to the Lord (praise him for that and the amazing answer to prayer it has been) and I was overcome with her excitement to learn the scripture. We have been reading together since she has the same bible. Lately I got her distracted with something though.....


I've been trying to spread mine and Rick's craziness about Lost with some of my friends. I got my neighbor friend to watch the pilot with me on a day last week when it was 115* outside. She got VERY, VERY, VERY hooked. All episodes from all four seasons are on so she has been hibernating to catch up. Actaully, it was good timing since her hubby is gone for over a week and it's been so very hot. Still, I feel a little bad.....but not really:). It is the best show I think I've ever seen really because of it's unpredictability. I seem to always be able to tell who done it, what's going to happen etc.... but not with Lost. I'm Lost. :*


Getting bigger and very cute to watch. We will be needing a climber something or other soon as my arm chairs are becoming a constant attraction. I still don't have batteries for my camera to share pics....ah! We have had "bad luck" with cats in the past. We always get ones that are spooked and/or unfriendly. Sterling and Shasta are cuddlers and that is so fun! They let the kids love on them, cuddle them and even carry them around too long for the liking (especially Superkid).

Washington Here We Come!

I'm nervous but excited. We are going to be cramming the five of us in the Jetta! Gas prices do that to you. We are also going to attempt the 16 hour stretch as long as we can make it. If the moral of all goes down hill, we will stop for a hotel. We are just beginning to beef up on Washington state info and the kids are very excited to get to wear their Washington t-shirts from the Cowans (thanks again Lisa:). Pretty soon I'll be starting a checklist. Any suggestions? Oh, and my kids all get car sick so we can't do reading or games.

Back to Genesis

Thoughts that have been intriguing to me:

Adam and Eve hid when they had sinned and heard the sound of the Lord taking his walk in the garden in the cool of the evening. Wow. That thought blew me away. Can you imagine hearing God walking by and being able to have the freedom to join him and walk and talk with him!? That is what is ahead! You would think that if we had that, we would not trade it for fruit.

Totally caught up with the table of nations. How we all came from Ham, Shem, and Japeth and how they started the races of today. Amazing.

Also, the fact occurred to me that there are no guarantees with our kids. Noah was a man of God and you would think that this would have been a new start for the world to all come from a man who feared God. Yet, it is obvious that is not what happened. How faithfully I need to pray for them but how much more I have to trust God for his perfect will.

Sarah is always revered in christian women circles as being such a great image of submission without fear. When she went along with some of Abraham's antics and lies about being his sister (which is half true really since she was his half sister) she is pointed out later in scripture as being Godly for that. Yet, I was frustrated with how she talked Abraham into having children with her servant, and then blamed him for what a bad idea that was when it went wrong. Genesis should give us hope, it's so full of people with family issues and personality faults.

Gunna get to soon....

Lynn asked about a good bread machine recipe for sandwich bread. My friend Charlotte gave me one that works real good. I'll come back to share it soon. I also will be putting those summer suggestions up in the cupboard soon. Thanks to those of you who shared.


Judy said...

Your hummus recipe looks good Alicia! I'm going to have to make it but haven't any Tahini, altho I hear you can substitute peanut butter and sesame oil. Does that sound weird? :)

Alicia said...

i read that tihini is just sesame seed paste. TJ's has it in the fridge section right next to their ready made humus. Theirs has lemon juice and garlic added in all ready but I add more garlic and lemon juice in the recipe along with what is in there. the tihini is added to humus for smoothness mainly...texture.. you know?. TJ's has sesame seed butter too so you could try that. honestly, i say if it tastes good...go for it!

Zimms Zoo said...

I have been wondering what happened to you! Was hoping the fires hadn't burned you all out.
Thanks for the catching up. Sure wished I liked hummus. It sounds good.

I will check out planet earth. Sounds really good.

tricia said...

have you tried making hummus from dried beans? I am going to give it a try this week. I will also try your recipe

Karen said...

Alicia...Glad to see you pop back into blogland!

I'm excited to hear you found a chronological one year bible! I started a one year bible a few months ago but it's part OT part NT each day and I was just commenting to Josh that it sorta drives me nuts as I'm not a read-several-books-at-a-time person. A chronological bible sounds great, I'll have to have my eye out for one.

Alicia said...

that is the one i did have and i want to do that next, but first i want it all in order of events so my random brain can place it all. i found mine at the thrift store, they are there a lot. hope you find one. :)