Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Goings On

I just can't believe July is here. There always seems to be an endless summer till you start to see the end in sight. For us July means the end since we will be gone most of August, then the girls have summer camp, and the very next week school starts. So, I'm trying to stay focused on what those summer goals were.
One distraction has been the two six week old kittens we have taken on in a lapsing moment of sanity and a promise from Princess to not only take care of them, but to earn the money for their shots and fixing. They were starving to death when we took them. The lady was feeding them dog food. They still needed milk since their mom had abandoned them. So, we feed them formula and kitty food now. They have taken up residence in our garden tub since it's needing to be fixed anyway. It makes the perfect play pen for them. Pretty soon they will be able to jump out. Now we have to monitor the coming and going of the dog too as they don't get along yet and I think she could kill them without meaning too. They are the size of a fluffy rat, but of course much more adorable. I hope to have pictures soon. They are both grey tabbies and named Sterling and Shasta (brother and sister).
Rick and I are sanding and painting a loft bed for the girls room right now too. That was a big summer project besides finishing painting the house. Tricia had a hand me down wood bunk and we are changing it to an antique white to match their old furniture.
The kids started swim lessons last week. A first for all three of them. They did real well. That will be keeping us busy till our trip too since there are many more sessions ahead.
My mom took a bad fall a week and a half ago. Please pray for healing for her. She nearly broke a rib and her back. As it is, she tore cartilage from her rib and damaged her back pretty bad. The doctor says it will take three months for the injuries to heal. She is still working since her job is a sit down one. Sometimes I wish she could just have a break from tough stuff for a good long while. The night after she went to the doctor for xrays she had to drive all the way down to "over that grade" (for you locals) to check on my grandpa who had fallen at the Alzheimer's unit.
Lilo woke up crying this morning cause she had a dream about Papa. That hasn't happened for a long time for any of us. I use to have a lot of dreams. Some were nightmares, now they are usually pleasant but overwhelming when they come. It's been a while. July 12 would have been his birthday, he would have been 56.
The kids had their wellness checks last week. Princess came in 34% on weight and 50% on height. Dr. says we will have a lovely trim teen soon. It was scary for him to confirm signs of change coming. We are looking at about a year or year and a half. I told my mom I felt like asking if we could just opt out of that whole thing. I feel with the distraction of the other two being in toddler years up till about a year ago, that I jumped from tiny ones to a developing tween overnight. How did this happen so fast? I don't wanna!!! :)
Lilo is 75% height, 75% weight and as the Dr. stated a perfect even proportion. She will be taller and fuller like her daddy's gene pool would determine.
Then he got to Superkid. "Now", he says, "We have one off the charts." Well over 97% on height and 97% on weight. As he lay him out and checked his little self he was commenting on how we have an athlete here or a man who should be harnessed to a plow and let go in a field. I thought that was funny.


Zimms Zoo said...

I love, love, love the new look. It is so awesome. Boy you definitely have the creative gene.

We took a cat in like that. But when she got a little bigger she climbed the neighbor's tree and it took a bucket truck (no ladders long enough) and an unhappy husband to get her out. So she found a new home.

Karen said...

Isn't it crazy how time just FLIES?? Whether it's just the summer or our babies turning into (gulp) tweens.

And I love the new look too (green is my favorite color so July will be a great month of reading for me)! You are so good at keeping your blog updated...kudos!

Alicia said...

Christy and Karen,
about the template... I can't claim anything much on this one. I found it on a top 50 bogger template list. I loved it too! I did hack into the html and change the title font and some other things. Usually I dont' like what's out there, or what I like I can't get to work. This one did and I was stoked! (my, have not used that word for ages!):)

tricia said...

Great new look! I agree this summer is flying by. I know Superkid was tall. I take RD to the doctor next week. I wonder what percentage he will be at.

FishMama said...

Fun stuff, except the puberty part. We're having the boy version of it over here. Oh my goodness.

Your doc sounds like Dr. P or Dr T. Am I right?

Alicia said...

yep..dr.p....we love him and love that he's been with the kids since infancy.:)

Claire said...

My Princess is 95% for height & weight! And she just turned 14. We started the puberty thing with her when she was about 10. Now, she gets mistaken for a 17 yo or older (one man said he thought she was 20 - uh huh).

Get ready. The hormones are about to fly!!! :-)