Sunday, May 25, 2008

What We Have Been Up To

Rick was off this whole week, but we did not achieve the greatness we had hopped for. Our camping trip took a day to recover from just in our tiredness level. I think if Rick had to be to work the next day, we would have had a shot of adrenaline but since he didn't we were sluggish just knowing we could. Then, another day to clean up camping and Rick started to get sick. So, we really only got one thing done this week, our Garage Sale. It was yesterday. We did pretty good. I always forget how exhausting those sales are though. It was a blessing that the day was cool. We ended at about 1:30 and then my friend needed her four kids watched at 3:30. That was fine thought because there is one at each of my kids place to play with and I got to cuddle with the 10 week old baby. We also had two neighborhood kids over playing and so we ended up having nine kids for dinner (baby does not really count since he did not eat pizza:). It was a delight but Rick and I are so tired! We woke up this morning ready for our Sunday nap now. We always make a policy of Sunday afternoon rest times since our kids have not napped for three years on any other day of the week.
We are taking a neighbor to church this morning so that is fun. She is a third grader and her aunt lives next door. Her uncle died a few months ago, he was young. Prayers for her please if you think of it.
Also, Rick and I are going through some major prayerful decision times. The Lord is working in our hearts on some family issues. I cannot blog openly about these things but will post my journal when appropriate. I just mention it to ask that you pray the Lord would be close to us and give wisdom. Also that we would be willing to do whatever HIS will is, and not our own. Thank you.

On the last note, the ants seem determined to take over our house. We get them as soon as they show, but they just find another corner. We have never really had an aunt problem at this house so it must be a bad year. I hate ants. I should be glad they are not the Indiana Jones kind. :)


Christina said...

I know what you mean about garage sales and watching a bunch of kids. It's fun, but wipes you out! Good to see your neighbor at church today.

I'll be praying for wisdom for you and Rick. You've hinted at some of this before. Call or email if there is something more specific I can pray for or a book you'd like to borrow.

Alicia said...

Thank you for prayers Christina. We don't need anything right now, thank you. We are seeking some wisdom from leadership.

Judy said...

Hi Alicia,
Don't forget about your cute sayings sidebar...

I can't stand ants either. You have to act on it fast or they take hold. I even had them in my lunch bag when I left work on Thursday. Hmm, maybe it's the rain.

Anyway I like the new look, and I hope everything works out.

Alicia said...

Judy... my kids do still say cute things but I have not heard any I could remember long enough to write down. Glad you like them. I wish I had written down the many in the years past.