Saturday, May 3, 2008

Straying Ducks

Do you feel at all like me today? Like all those little ducks you need to keep in a row are straying off quacking mockingly as they go? Well, mine are. I went searching this evening for some resources for help. I have before used a notebook for organizing my life. I wanted to pick that up again as it was so helpful. However, many of the resources I wanted to put in it for getting organized were not suited to a stay at home mom. Many were business oriented. Tonight I hit the jack pot!
This link has all kinds of free printable organizers. Schedules, calendars, chores, grocery, grocery pricing!, freeze and pantry inventory!, cleaning goes on and on. You have to check it out. Practical Homemaking Planners is where you need to go. And, there are verses on the pages to boot!

So, we are roosting here tomorrow. Purposefully staying home. The whole family seems to be in a funk and missing time together, helping out the family. This is one area I need to beef up on big time. Soon I will have units to plan for school, the breaks never last as long as one might think. So it's time to start lining up those ducks now.
I will update more later on how I put my "brain" (the notebook) together. Perhaps that will help some looking for ideas too.
(oh, and about the fun mom poster...I think my son would beg to differ:)

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Zimms Zoo said...

It is funny that you should bring this up. I was going to post on my notebook this week. Seriously!! I was working on it last night and thought that someone else might be interested in how I do mine.
Also I plan on posting some recipes to your blog. I have a gingerbread recipe that I have tweaked and a cinnamon roll recipe I have changed that I want to put on there.
How do I do that? You can leave instructions in my comments if you like. sometimes I forget to check the comments again.