Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Jane Eyre Thoughts

I just finished part 2 of The Master Piece Theater version of Jane Eyre. It was absolutely excellent. There was one scene where I found acting a little forced but the only reason I noticed it is because it is one of the most passionate scenes in the book and Timothy Dalton played it so well in the BBC version. It was not bad, but it did not rise to the occasion of the novel. It was the scene where Mr. Rochester speaks of his coming wedding (he is not telling Jane that he means his wedding to her, but allows her to think he speaks of his intentions for Miss Ingram), until Jane is unable to be tormented no longer. I WILL say, that this actress of Jane played the scene in excellence! She is an awkwardly plain and yet beautiful actress. She makes a very good Jane in the scene that she captures more the heart of Jane from the book more than the BBC Jane. She has more passion and humor which I remember feeling from the book but which was totally lacking in my favorite version of the movie.
I would not say I like this one more, I like the Timothy Dalton one for it's own reasons. However, I will say that I like it equally and that is saying something. On that note, I have noticed that there was a new version made into movie in the past few years. I will have to check it out.
Nothing beats the book, so read it first.
Every time I read or watch the story of Jane Eyre my heart is swelling at the end. Like it has been running laps on some emotional treadmill. At times the walk is light, at times your unable to catch your breath your sprinting so fast, and in the end you feel like you have been somewhere far away and are back again. Like you have emotionally traveled and are happily weary.
You Tube is filled with many wonderful music video's of the movie, yet some are also stupid and ridiculous. I really thought this one captured the heart tug of the story. It does not cary on to the happy ending but it gives you a good idea of the movie. Enjoy!

Just a last note of interest....the young Jane Eyre is played by the actress who is Lucy Pevancy on The Cronicles of Narnia. They look amazingly alike she and the older Jane actress.


Claire said...

I blame you, Alicia, for my exhaustion today. I went on Netflix last night, and started watching Jane Eyre with Timothy Dalton. I have to say - I couldn't stop! I think I watched five episodes before I finally couldn't stay awake any longer! :-)

Alicia said...

Oh, dear....
But was it not a wonderful journey!?
Now, you have to watch the new Masterpiece one. It's on netflix, but not in the watch now section.
Get some sleep first!:)
I have to tell you, honestly, and this resulted in my post tonight on wells we run to....
Between getting my new lap top this week (yippie!) and having Jane Eyre and Lost to watch with my husband.. I lost a lot of sleep. It was part of my bad decision making. SO, really, be inthrawled, but be careful! :)LOL